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New Flavor @ CéFiore: Açaiberry

The Little Tokyo branch of CéFiore has a new flavor offering: açaiberry! I visited last night, and I was surprised to see açaiberry in the place of the blackberry offered at the Hollywood branch. The guy behind the counter told us the Little Tokyo store (the original location) is where they test out new flavors. (They also have different sizing there, with four sizes ranging from "junior" to "family.") The flavor was true to açai, strongly flavored with the fruit's rich, faintly chocolately berry taste. It's really good, much more distinctive than the rather ho-hum blackberry it replaced. And being a CéFiore product, it was, of course, creamy and smooth, unlike a certain competitor's "chilly bliss" offering. I really hope it spreads to all the CéFiore branches. I'm looking forward to getting more when I'm back in Little Tokyo this weekend...

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  1. hope it's not a temporary thing. love acai.

    1. What is acaiberry? Never heard of it - googled and something that looks like blueberries popped up. Is that it?

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          Thanks for the reference and the tip. Guess it's another trip to Ce Fiore for me this weekend.

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            Remember - it's only the Little Tokyo branch right now.

            134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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              OK. Still won't hurt to get my froyo fix, even if they don't have the new flavor. ;)

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                Actually, a coworker stepped into the Hollywood location this morning, and they have the açaiberry now as well for the grand opening today. Woo hoo!

                6922 Hollywood Blvd 107, Los Angeles, CA 90028

      1. Tasted acaiberry last weekend. Indeed it's much tastier than the blackberry flavor. It's delicious by itself without any toppings.

        1. I'd be curious how the acai tastes when mixed with green tea, as I usually get a two-fer when I'm at CeFiore.

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            You'd have to see if CéFiore will do like Cantaloop and put them side-by-side then as the açaiberry is in the same machine as the original - açaiberry replaced blackberry in Little Tokyo - and not the green tea, which still gets swirled with raspberry-pomegranate.

          2. Joy! They finally have acai flavor at my local branch in Rowland Heights. It's really good. Kind of reminds me of a mix of black currants and raspberry. Never had acai before, so don't know how 'true' it tasted, but it's tasty!

            1. They have Acai at the brand new one on Laurel Ave. in WeHo. I do think that their flavors are way better than Pinkberry. I'm a personal fan of the Raspberry - Pomegranite.

              1. Newport Beach has it too :) I wonder if it's nearly as healthy and anti-oxidant as the juice is supposed to be. I was told it would cure all kinds of things from sleeplessness to low energy to...

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                  got words from Cefiore there will be a new flavor coming soon, that's really get me exicited as i love their flavor.

                2. They are having a new flavor: Chocolate on Valentine's day! I just saw the flyer today at hollywood Location. I am looking forward to getting some next week!

                  Hopefully this is better than PB's coffee flavor!