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Nov 8, 2007 08:18 AM

Similar places to Hopleaf in Wicker Park?

Hi all,

I'm going out on Saturday night and was looking for a place like Hopleaf, which I love. We are going to be around Wicker Park, so any recs for bars or an atmosphere that is fun and laid back with a mix of people, preferably offering a variety and range of drinks a cut above the others, is helpful. Not something too expensive, can be dive bar or not. And in general, any favorite bars/microwbreweries around Wicker Park/Division/Damen area is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. The Map Room ( has a great beer list (one of the top 5 in the world, if I remember hearing right), but i'm not sure about food selections. I've never been, but my beau (who loves the Hopleaf as much as I do!) has raved about this place. It's a bit away from Division and Damen, but it might be worth the trek!

    The Map Room
    1949 N Hoyne Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647

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      They don't have food at the Map Room except for international night (which is on Tuesday, I believe). They've got a great beer selection, though.

      I liked Danny's, too (close to the Map Room).

    2. Yeah, I agree with the Map Room rec. Unfortunately, The Hopleaf is hard to beat...there's really nothing else like it.

      You may want to check out Piece Restaurant in Wicker Park.

      1927 W North Ave
      Chicago, IL 60622
      (773) 772-4422

      Dunlays on Logan Blvd in Logan Square is not too far from Wicker Park. I really like this place. It's not so cookie cutter like all the other bar and grill's. The vibe is a little urban artsy and the food is excellent for bar standards. Pretty good beer selection too.
      Dunlays on the Square
      3137 W Logan

      1. There's a newer wine bar called Bluebird on Damen that has a great beer list, as well. They've also got one of the best wine lists I've seen in a long time. I think the food's great too. I've heard a lot of complaints from others about service, but we went in the early evening before it was too crowded, so our service was very good.

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            Also- where is Danny's? I'm going to try the Map Room, but if we want to go somewhere else, just wondering... Any other good bars close to the Map Room?

        1. I'm personally grateful for the recs as well! The Map Room sounds great.

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            Ok also, turns out Ukranian Village works too... any recs for bars with similar criteria or good bars around there?