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Nov 8, 2007 08:01 AM

Do all NJ Costco's sell Liquor?

Hoping to get some help from NJ hounds.
I'm having 2 parties over the next 2 weeks and want to completely re-stock my bar.
I was looking up a liquor store I had read about on another thread and someone recommended going to Costco in Clifton, NJ stating they sold Bombay, Grey Goose and other top brands at good prices.

Here in NY our Costco only sells some beer and wine so I'm wondering if all NJ Costco's sell liquor? Especially since Hackensack would be closer to me than Clifton.
Also, are their prices good enough to warrant a trek over the bridge?

I tried the Costco website, there seems to be no info on liquor sales and I know from past experience that calling the store is a nightmare!

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  1. okay here goes, The costco in Wayne sells liquor and has bombay, grey goose and other top brands, it also has a kirkland signature vodka which in my opinion is as close to grey goose as anything I've ever had....the one in Edison also sells liquor...the one in Clifton has a smaller selection than Wayne and Edison....hope that helps....The ones that are mentioned above also sell beer.

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      Thanks so much! I had heard elsewhere that the Costco Vodka is quite good, I'll have to pick some up for household consumption. Would you recommend the the store in Wayne over the Edison location? Or are they about the same?

      1. re: SweetPea914

        wayne has a slightly better selection than edison.....

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          its made from the same region as grey goose...filtered something like 5 times...coincidence...hmmmmm

      2. Edit:
        Also if anyone knows of NY locations that sell liquor that would be helpful too!

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          haven't been to that location.....but I've found that once you have the local store numbers they are pretty responsive in answering.....

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            Have you looked at Stew Leonards - the one near the Costco in Westchester? I seem to recall their having good prices. Also, I am pretty sure that the Costco in Long Island City sells liquor.

            1. re: MMRuth

              The Costco in LIC has an attached liquor store but is not part of Costco. They do have good prices though. You don't need to be a Costco member and they don't have Kirkland Vodka which I may have to seek out just because...

              1. re: King of Northern Blvd

                Sorry - you're right - that's what I meant. Also, for what it's worth, they take all credit cards there, not just AMEX - had to call for my visiting sister the other day.

          2. hackensack does not sell liquor inside the store, but connected to it is western beverage that sells wine, beer & top name liquors as good prices. also, if you are just looking for liquor and not to buy food, also in hackensack is total wine & liquors - they have great prices for wine and a HUGE selection, more so than costco. my husband used to buy all his wine at western beverage at costco and now buys everything at total wine. i can't speak to the prices of the liquor, but you can probably call.

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              The Clifton Costco is the same as Hackensack; they sell wine/beer/liquor, but it's a separate 'store' in the front of the warehouse, you don't need a Costco card, and I'm guessing it's also run by Western Beverage. I agree with the poster above who suggests you call the store...if nothing else, you'll know if they sell liquor or not!

              1. re: meb903

                We have been to the Total Wines in Deleware and Florida and they are excellent for wines and beers. They all had a physically large store with exceptional selection for each type of wine with can't beat pricing. My favorite wine is Gewurtztraminer and they had almost two dozen types at prices that were half of LI prices. Liquor prices were OK, but I prefer St Thomas for the hard stuff.

                1. re: meb903

                  Total Wines and Liquors has better pricing on all items, than any Costco Store I have been to in Northern New Jersey, including all the stores mentioned above.

                  TW & L is actually located in River Edge and near the Hackensack border....on the north side of State Highway Route 4. Heading west, you would take the Kinderkamack Road Exit and make a left for one block. Heading east, you would take the Johnson Avenue exit, make a left at the blinking light, make a left onto Kinderkamack Road and head west for approximately 3 blocks,

                2. Also Bottle King has good selection and prices. Costco prices on the low end are about the same as the large retailers. On high-end, the in-store Costco prices (i.e. Wayne) are much better than any other retailer.

                  1. Hi everyone, thanks for the help and info.
                    We ended up just going to Stew Leonards wine/liquor store due to time constraints. I will definitely check out the Costco in Long Island City in the future though!