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Nov 8, 2007 08:00 AM

Good food near our cheesy resort?

Well, after months of hounding and talking about some sort of champagne tub, my husband has convinced me to go to some cheesy romantic resort in the Poconos.. I think one of my cousins did her honeymoon here and after looking it up, I am sure I will need to escape all the romance of it all (and the reported "family" style meals at the couples resort?) and eat some real food in an area I have never visited. I know the resort is in Marshall Creek (Caeser's Pocono Palace I think it's called) and I am hoping there are places in the general area worth checking out. We are not looking for five star dining, but more of the local favorites and regional specialties. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

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  1. Please someone answer my post. I really want to know which direction to head for some good chow. Please, please, please!

    1. I haven't been there in years, but the Barley Creek Brewing Company used to have good beer and good food. It's located in Tannerville (5 minutes at most off the highway).

      Sorry that I went out to lunch and couldn't reply sooner. :)

      1. I have been relocated here from Philadelphia for over a year. I am sad to report that I have yet to have a memorable meal anywhere close to here. I had a passable paella at a place called La Vina in Reeders.

        1. How about one of the restaurants at Sky Top Lodge?

          1. There is a chinese buffet on 611 just outside of Stroudsburg. Save your money and don't try it. I think it is Fulay Buffet. Yeah, right, I should have known.

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              If you are willing to take an hour's ride to a town called Fogelsville which is off Route 100, just west of the Alllentown exit of the PA. Turnpike, there you will find a magical inn called Glasbern (where you probably should have been staying in the first place!!) and their restaurant is also lovely. Do yourselves a favor and just take the drive one day. (You might want to take your luggage with you because you'll never want to go back.)