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Nov 8, 2007 08:00 AM

phx area bakeries - holiday stuff

full disclosure - i'm doing a writing project on holiday offerings on local bakeries. and i have to expand beyond my normal boundaries. the ones where 24th street is a stretch ;) queen creek is still too far tho.

at any rate, can anyone recommend some good bakeries that are offering holiday selections??

thanks in advance!!

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  1. good recommendations- had MUCH success working directly with sugarlipscakery ... lovely girl, phenomenal work. (east valley) when last we talked, she was opening a storefront.

    have had ridiculously bad experiences with cookies in bloom.

    also, has anyone noticed, or is it just me... but when fairytale brownies started, their brownies were like smack in plastic wrapping. i tried one a few weeks ago and it was not the same brownie. expansion issues or old brownie?

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    1. re: hzp

      I have to agree! I bought my man friend one from AJ's and tried a bite and wasn't really wowed..and he wasn't either.. However, the next time I tried to get him one (thinking maybe the last one was just a bad day), it was stolen by my giant cat, who seemed to love it! The cat, by the way, is a known pastry thief!

    2. Karl's in Sunnyslope.
      I had one of their yule logs at my mom's last year. Very yummy.

      AZ Republic write up:

      From the article:
      "Stephanie says a lot of Europeans stop by. And not just for pastries. Karl's also makes bread, pizza and quiche. During the holidays, more than one Sunnyslope table will boast a good German stollen, Black Forest cake, Bavarian mixed fruit tart, yule log cake or Holiday Danish Pudding."

      Karl's Quality Bakery
      8847 N 7th Ave, B Phoenix, AZ

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      1. re: mamamia

        Karl's is an authentic Swiss / German bakery, Wife took one of their stollen to a Goodbye party at work for a German emigre, and she nearly broke into tears. Brought back so many memories. Cannot recommend it enough.

      2. This is WAY out of the way for you, but Iowa Cafe (that section of Mesa waft w/winter visitors) should be doing tons of old-fashioned pumpkin pies in the next few weeks. I also believe they do a number of different items around Christmas, you might want to check with them.

        Iowa Cafe
        5606 E McKellips Rd Ste 105, Mesa, AZ 85215

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        1. re: azhotdish

          awesome!! thanks mamamia and hotdish!! i'd never neard of either one...and hzp too :D

          please, more recs!! :)

          1. re: winedubar

            Niccoli's on 16th street makes wonderful Italian cookies, I will have to check what he is making for the Holidays.

          2. re: azhotdish

            Is Iowa Cafe near Midwestern Meats (who have a bakery area themselves)?

            1. re: Firenza00

              Yeah it's pretty close, about four miles or so.

          3. For bread only, Simply Bread is doing a different holiday bread each week this month, and I would guess will do something through the new year. Might be worth a call.

            1. I'm not certain they make any holiday specialties, but in the last few weeks we had a meal and I ordered a lemon meringue cake and chocolate macaroons from Essence Bakery at the SEC of University & Hardy in Tempe. Everything was stellar. The staff were somewhat ditzy on a few things, but the food was worth it. My husband commented on the prices being somewhat high but the quality is there.