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Nov 8, 2007 07:59 AM

Tonight in South Philly

Need rec's for good chow near the Wachovia Center tonight. Probably aroud 6:00pm. BYOB, ethnic....don't care, gimmie whatever....just don't break the bank. Easy parking would be a plus...but I know what I'm asking down there. Thx....

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  1. You could do pizza at Celebre's 15th & Packer. Plenty of free parking as it's in a shopping center. Chickie's and Pete's is also in the center.

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    1. re: cheesewit

      I concur. Depending on how much time you have on your hands, you could also venture a little further north into South Philly, that would present many more options (L'Angolo, Paradiso, the Cantina, Clementine's) but parking there is more difficult, and the service probably won't be as speedy. Marra's would probably be a good bet too.

    2. Popi's and Mio Sogno aren't too far from the Wachovia. Both are good mid-priced Italian. And there's always Chickie's & Pete's and Celebre's.

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        Good stuff....catchin' a show @ 8:00....thinking Italian now (suprise,suprise)...the only place down there I've been to is Tre Scalini (which was great)...any word on Scannichio's?...Otherwise....somewhere I can get some good veal. Forget the parking issues...I had a handicapped friend coming with me who is now meeting us later.

        1. re: Major504

          I think I'm too late to respond, but I've heard good things about Scannicchio's. My parents eat there often and rave about it.