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Nov 8, 2007 07:57 AM

digital thermometer help

I am in the market for a digital thermometer to use on the Thanksgiving turkey.
As much as I am in the kitchen, a thermometer isn't something I use on a regular basis, so I really don't want to make a big investment.
Have read good things about the Polder models, and they appear to be in the $25-40 range, but are they my best bet? Should I spend a little more to get something better?

All help is appreciated!

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  1. THere have been quit a few disussions on these here, search for polder or thermometer.

    1. Thermapen by ThermoWorks is to top of the line but around $80

      Cooks Illustrated like the low cost digitals by ThermoWorks as a low cost alternative to the Thermopen

      1. I have the Thermopen & love it.

        1. Look at my post entitled Wireless Meat Thermometers . I got a lot of good information and ended up going online and buying the Nu-Temp 701 for $40 plus shipping. It was reccomened many times. I have it now, but still trying to figure out how it works. I think I will go back to my post and ask that question too.