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Nov 8, 2007 07:24 AM

Oyster stout - where to get in USA

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to purchase oyster stout in the US -- either American-brewed or imported? I'm in NYC, so any suggestions for bars that might have it are of course appreciated. But I'd also like to know where I might mail-order the bottled stuff. Thanks!

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  1. The "problem" with oyster stouts is that some are brewed WITH oysters, and others are only stouts designed to be drunk with oysters, so one can't go by name alone. (Similar to "Chocolate Stout" that may or may not contain "chocolate", in a way.) The last US-brewed oyster stout WITH oysters that I remember was Yard's Love Stout, but they dropped the oysters at some point (see ) and even the labels don't specify which are which IIRC (and the brand is moving to a new brewery, so there may be some shortage of beers on the shelf). The oysters were very subtle, few people could pick them up at all.

    A number of brewpubs make them (DogfishHead, Southampton) but, again you'll have to check with the brewery for ingredients. The vast majority (do a search for them on Beer Advocate) are from the UK and Ireland and few of those are exported to the US from what I've seen. Of the ones that have been imported recently that I've seen/had (Whitstable is one that I see alot), none have used oysters in brewing.