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Nov 8, 2007 07:16 AM


Taking a buddy out for dinner in Oceanside. Any good rec's? Can't seem to find anything. $$$'s not an issue just a really good meal is the important criteria. Any cusine. Prefer to stay local but will travel say 20-30 minutes away.

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  1. I hear nothing but good things about Sole, on Oceanside Rd, but haven't been myself.

    I've also heard good things about Alias Smith &Jones, kindofa steakhouse place, but haven't been there either and am unsure of sources.

    My favorite is Bigelow's, on the Rockville Center side of the border, but it's pretty downmarket- just top-quality, expertly-fried seafood at a counter.

    There are some nicer restaurants in Rockville Center that have drawn praise on this board- do a search.

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      Sole is great but the service caters to the locals and is abrasive at best. (and im a person who doesnt care much about service one way or the other). that being said, the food is awesome and worth it.
      i like la rioja for spanish food in island park. reasonably priced, good sangria.
      There are good spots in long beach...Nick D'Angelos, Duke Falcons, cafe laguna could you give more details of what you are looking for?

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        Put it this way, if we were meeting in the city, I'd take him to a good steakhouse like Del Frisco's or S&W or Platforma for Rodizio or a good sushi place. That said, dude's suggestion of Bigelow's won't fly. Looking for any cuisine, upscale in or within 30 minutes of Oceanside and appropriate for 2 guys, IE not a romantic French bistro. I'm from central NJ so I have no clue what's in Oceanside. Searched the boards for Oceanside and am not having much luck. THanks in advance

    2. Rachel's and Pier 95 are nearby in Freeport - Both serve seafood, Pier 95 has more of a South American flavor - both are my favorites in the area.

      Sole is about the best in Oceanside.

      1. Sole is a good spt but not sure if it is good for 2 buddy's getting together. Rockville Centre is full of great spots. I would do George Martins in RVC or in LB for seafood. They also own Nick D'Angelos so it could be an option as well. Alias Smith and Jones is just ok. Bigelows is a great spot but might not be what you are looking for but I would make a vist one day. There is nothing like sitting at the counter eating fried seafood.

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        1. re: fein

          Just thought of Broadway Beanery in Lynbrook. It got a "very good" (i think) from the New York Times review, which is rare on Long Island.

          Also, Darios in Rockville Centre is amazing, very expensive but you wont be disapointed.

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            i was thinking of darios as well but couldn't remember the name. thanks arugala. blue moon in rvc has good italian food but gets busy on the weekends.