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Nov 8, 2007 07:11 AM

Keens or Del Frisco

Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post . I'm now torn between Keen's or Del Frisco for my son's 16 year old son's b'day. There will be 4 adults & my son.

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  1. I would definitely go to Keen's. Del Frisco's has great steaks, but it is very loud and full of corporate suits, so I don't think it has anything on the one-of-a-kind, old New York atmosphere that Keen's offers. And you won't be taking a lesser option on the food either. Keen's also has great steaks, but the mutton chop is one of the best meat dishes I have ever had.

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      I second Keen's. I would eat there every week if i could afford it! Best steak, ambience, and super attentive wait staff. They also have great seafood dishes!

      For a deluxe treat try the chateaubriand filet for two - it doesn't get any better.

    2. i've never been to keens but del friscos is ok. it is a business atomosphere in my opinion. i think the food is good but not great. from the posts everyone says keens is great.

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        Thanks for your quick replies- Keen's it is!

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          I have only been to Del Frisco's for business in their private room upstairs. fein, I agree it is more appropriate for business. No historic or interesting decor at Del Frisco's. That said, I have never been to Keen's.