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Nov 8, 2007 06:49 AM


Found the name of the place, sute cute place in Aventura. Walked by but have not heard anything of it yet. Has anyone been to Kefi or knows anything about it? Its in Aventura, a bit hidden but I guess once the sign is set people will start coming. Last night I walked by with my doggy and there were about 4 tables filled. It is certainly beautiful inside and outside. Specially overlooking the boats.

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    1. o Sarah, had to try this restaurant since live in Aventura. It is only a never come back to but in 1 year will be some other restaurant. $150 a couple for poor Italian food,overpriced steaks, undercooked lobster and the poorest wait staff I have seen in a restaurant in a long time.Try it if you must.

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            1. Hello All! Well, i did go, but did not have dinner...geez. My husband and I live right in front at the Venture, but I have been trying to give it some time, as we have been 3 times and the appetizers have not yet convinced me to stay for dinner. Maybe I should give the drinks and apps a rest and actually sit for dinner in the right area. I have only stayed at the bar, they are great for chatting hehehe. Thanks