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Nov 8, 2007 06:47 AM

miele vs. wolf cooktop


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  1. looking to buy a 36" 5 burner cooktop with knobs on side as opposed to in between the burners where I'm worried about bumping into a hot pot. does anyone have recommendations- I have heard good things about the miele and wolf and mixed reviews about other brands.

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      I assume you are talking gas cooktops? I'd consider the Viking cooktop as well. bonus feature---the only one you can get 6 burners in in a 36".

      Pluses: 6 burners, knobs on side, sealed, with removable bronze burners, so you can clean it well

      Minuses: Side knobs positions are not necessarily intuitive---you have to know which knob controls which burner, which takes some getting used to, unlike center knobs, which are positioned in the same layout as the burners. Also, the big BTU burner is front left; this isn't an issue if you have a hood, but with a pop-up downdraft fan, when you really want to sear, the pan is too far away from the burner to draft well (I end up making a guide out of foil from the front of the pan to the fan to guide the smoke back.

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        other considerations are: if this is for a home installation you need to make sure that the range is insulated, and that you have a gas line that will deliver the required btu to warrent using a commercial range in the home, also knobs in the fromt allow you to fine tune settings by watching the flame as you adjust the knob.

        1. re: whli

          We've had the Viking for several years and like it a lot. ChefBoyAreMe is correct that the location of the knobs does mean that occasionally I get confused and don't use the one that corresponds to the burner that I'd intended to adjust, but that's infrequent. We've had no service issues.

        2. for a gas cooktop the ge profile and monogram have cooktops that got good reviews by consumer reports, however the knobs are in the front and in between the 5 burners. It is easy to see which knob is for what, but I worry about bumping into hot pots- is this a problem with those kind of cooktops?