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Nov 8, 2007 06:46 AM

good shabu shabu near hollywood??

we've tried the place in hollywood and highland and thought it was pretty good, but we were first timers. we'd like to go with some curious out of town guests next weekend. any recs?

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  1. Well, if ~8 miles is "near" enough, the best shabu in town is at Kagaya, in j-town. It's pricey (~$40pp for the lowest menu option) but well worth it. There's quite a bit written about it on this board so I won't go into the details here again. Reservations are essential.

    1. Shabu Shabu Ya on La Brea, two blocks south of Wilshire on the west side of the street.

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        is that place good? i've been meaning to try it but every time i drive by it, it's totally empty.

        1. re: TailbackU

          I would give it a try. I usually make shabu shabu at home, but in a pinch this is where my husband and I go. I think the restaurant got off to a slow start, but it looks like business is picking up now.

          1. re: TailbackU

            I liked it when I went. Meat and seafood sushi-quality fresh. Clean, open, zen-but not overly so atmosphere.

        2. For an Americanized chain, Koji's Shabu Shabu @ Hollywood & Highland is pretty darned good.

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          1. For a cool twist, try Khan on Western in K-Town. Korean shabu shabu - very good, great service, WITH panchan, and the best fro-yo served in a Styrofoam cup for desert. Have yet to try their "Gengis Khan" which culminates in a porridge at the end of the meal. I def can recommend.

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              Thanks for this rec. My sister will be coming to town and several years ago we had shabu-shabu at a Korean place on Olympic near Hoover. She wants to repeat the experience and I don't know if the other place is still around. It's a two-story restaurant. They prepared the "porridge" for us at the end of the meal and it was probably the tastiest item we had that meal.

              1. re: djquinnc

                I can't find this on-line. Can you give me an address? There's a Khan on Wilshire that's mongolian barbeque, but I don't think that's what you meant. Thanks.

                1. re: hpcat

                  Khan Shabu Shabu
                  210 N Western Ave # 103
                  Los Angeles, CA 90004
                  (323) 465-6688

              2. I went to SHABU SHABU YA last night, and they are the worst SHABU SHABU restaurant I've ever been to. First of all, they do not serve any alcohol. No wine, beer or anything. And they do not allow customer to BYOB, either. The food was mediocre, and so did the service. It explains why it was totally on Saturday night.