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Nov 8, 2007 06:46 AM

Anyone order from the Popcorn Factory?

My due date is 12.17 - I'm looking to do as much catalogue shopping as I can. I got a catalogue from the Popcorn Factory and was intrigued by their prices (not as high as Harry and David) and their variety.

Has anyone ordered from them before? Are their treats tasty? Do they arrive looking as nicely as the photos?


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  1. I have not ordered from them, but there is a place in Austin called That Popcorn Place that ships. I have had severeal of their products and enjoyed them. It is run by a very nice family who are super accomodating.

    That Popcorn Place
    1914 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX

    1. Never ordered from them, but our office got Harry & David Smores Moose Munch yesterday and IT IS AMAZING. Worth the $19.99 a bag price, the most delicious toffee popcorn you've ever tasted combined with chocolate covered popcorn/marshmallow nuggets. ADDICTIVE.

      1. Yes, I've ordered from them - one of my old offices used them for Christmas gifts for clients for years. They're excellent. I highly recommend them.

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          I have never ordered from them, but our office receives several tins a year from one of our clients. Presentation is always very nice, popcorn tastes as fresh as possible (considering). The tins are also great and we have to draw names to see who gets to take the empty ones home.

        2. Popcorn Factory is great! My favs are the white cheddar & almond pecan corn.

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