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Nov 8, 2007 06:29 AM

? amount of sweet red chili pepper flakes in Chili Recipe

I ran across a recipe for chili that serves six, but on ingredient listed is "1/2 cup sweet red chili pepper flakes" that seems like a lot to me. What do you think? Thanks, Thomas in Delaware. It is for a Delaware Chili called "Blue Hen Chili", if you google that title you will find it in recipe*zaar.

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  1. While a half cup of the chili flakes seems like a lot, there are quite a few ingedients: 10 oz, of lima beans, corn...then the onions, carrots, 1 1/2 lbs meat. The chili flakes are sweet, that should enhance the flavor. See what others think.

    Interesting recipe, though.

    1. Have you found these flakes? One recipe references Pendery's, but I can't find them online. If you have them, taste them and decide for yourself what they contribute to the recipe.

      For example if they are made from sweet red bell peppers, they aren't contributing any heat. In that case I'd worry more about their texture after rehydrating. If on the other hand, the recipe is talking about a mild New Mexico type of chile, the 1/2 cup would add some heat and more flavor.


      1. Swet red CHILI pepper flakes seems like a total misnomer to me. If it said sweet red BELL pepper falkes that would be one thing (but why would you use dried pepper in this recipe).

        If they do mean chile pepper flakes than 1/2 cup seems like an exorbitant amount.

        Personally, I'd scrounge around for a different recipe.

        Pedery's doesn't seem to carry the product.

        1. I imagine you could always try half the amount called for, simmer a while, and then TASTE it?
          Surely you can always add the rest if you think it needs it?

          Having said that, 1/2 cup of sweet pepper flakes doesn't seem like an excessive amount for such a potful of vegetables. Most of those things are pretty bland for chilli.