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Nov 8, 2007 06:17 AM

Young professionals recommendation!

The goal for this Friday night is to find a place where we (a small group of young professionals) can order drinks, move on to appetizers, and stay after our meal to chat while not feeling rushed to leave after dinner is finished. We don’t want anything too scene-y, but a fun atmosphere would be nice. We are all big foodies but have somewhat limited budgets. Last time we did drinks at Zaytinya and dinner at Oyamel, and this time we’ll probably stay in one place (especially because winter has suddenly descended upon Washington). Does anyone have any recommendations for this type of restaurant/bar in the city? Thanks so much!

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  1. How about the new restaurant, Hudson over in the West End?

    The upstairs area at Mark and Orlando's seems like a good spot for this (you can also order from the downstairs menu if that sounds more appealing.)

    My friends and I use to do this all the time at Sette Osteria over in Dupont Circle.

    If you want to head over to the U Street area you can eat, have drinks, and hang out at Busboys and Poets. OR eat at Creme and then head over to Busboys and Poets for dessert, coffee, drinks etc.

    1. Perhaps Station 9 on U St. They have a fun atmosphere and a lounge. The menu is well priced, but the service was slow. That the service is slow probably works in your favor if you plan to linger.

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        Ya I don't know...I went there last week and was a little disappointed. If you go there I would suggest sitting at the bar where I imagine the service is a little better. That being said, if you are going to the area go to Creme instead. The service and food is so much better.