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Nov 8, 2007 05:59 AM

Favorite new sushi places in Dallas anyone?

I'm a huge sushi-eater and am looking for somewhere new in Dallas to try sushi. My favorites are Sushi on McKinney, Teppo, Tei Tei, Sushi Sake, Masami, Tokyo No Hana, Cafe Japon among others. Just looking for suggestions for some brand new sushi places here in Dallas if anyone has a recent discovery they'd like to share. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Zen Sushi
    Sushi Simon
    Sushi Minami

    I've posted reviews on this board for all 3.

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      Genki Sushi and Steak at Preston and Beltline in North Dallas has a very good all you can eat sushi buffet for $15.99 ($12.99 lunch). No website so call them at 972 788-2629 if you have any questions. I also have a review posted on my blog under the July postings and I posted an update under comments last month

    2. You gotta' try Sushi Zushi. Don't be turned off by the delivery truck out front (which you may need sometime). The menu is voluminous, and the sushi chefs will make you anything. I took several rolls -both fish and veggie- and several grilled skewers to a potluck supper, and all my foodie friends RAVED about the quality.

      1. You didn't mention Yutaka on McKinney. If you haven't been there, you need to check it out. I haven't been to all the places you listed above but I will say I think it is better than Tei Tei, Sushi Sake and definitely Cafe Japon. Spanish Mackeral sashimi is off the charts good.

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            I know Cafe Japon gets a bad rap but I know the chef well and he always brings out a fresh hamachi filet for me when I visit. What's this, Cafe Japon has closed? I used to visit there when I lived in Addison Circle, I hope their chef, Ino, is doing fine, if anyone could tell me where he is now, I'd love to see him, we were great friends, hence my liking for the food there.

            So, Yutaki is the new find on McKinney? I'm trying Zen in Bishop Arts this weekend as well. A bit burnt out on Teppo(a few years back actually, although the yakitori is nice, and Tei Tei gets old as well, they're owned by the same people). Spanish Mackerel you say, I'll have to try theirs soon although I'm not much of a McKinney Ave. fan due to the parking situation and crowds and all, you know. I'm actually quite fond of Ryukei or Ryuishi in Mockingbird, whatever tf it's called, can never recall as I always end up there after a 70 hr. week coming off the train in Mockingbird on a Fri. after drinks at Pearl's downtown and I end up drinking too much sake and it all becomes a blur and I take a taxi home and disappear there, lol(ala Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero if any of you've read it_) I'm off to somewhere after too many single malts...

            JJ Mac.

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              I believe Yutaka has the best Sushi in town, as well as some very, very well-done "fusion" items.

              I also love how tiny it is. Makes me feel like I'm not in Dallas, which can be refreshing.

            2. I'm adding Sushi of Plano to my regular rotation, and I'm especially happy I live less than 5 minutes away.

              Had a quick snack there during happy hour and it was amazing - this is definitely a great place to eat lunch and happy hour. Feels pretty nice not needing to go as far as Seabose for excellent quality, and when Toshi says personal, he means it.


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                I believe the chef pictured there used to work at Simon sushi, in fact, I think he has a lot of the same rolls that Simon's has.

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                  Air - Have you tried Sushi of Plano's $1 sushi on Happy Day Sunday? Am considering checking it out tomorrow but hesitate to since I would guess the fish was probably delivered on Friday at best, and so would not be as fresh...and hence the $1 price tag?

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                    I ate at Sushi of Plano today, they had fresh Scallops and whole Spanish mackerel. Not a cheap lunch but really killer fresh and tasty.

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                      irodguy, I know you like Masami. How do you compare Sushi of Plano with Masami and Seabose?

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                        I would say the quality is better at Masami than any of the above. I would then say toss up between Sushi of Plano and Seabose depending on the day. Overall I think Seabose dose a better job of the "Sushi Rice" but Sushi of Plano does a good job on some of their speciality sashimi items (scallop, Mackerel etc. )

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                          I'm a Teppo and Tei Tei fan but had to go to Masami last week. We choose that place because we were able to get a table for ten (which is so hard to do at Sushi places - except maybe Nobu). We sat in their 'special room" - whatever that is called where you have to take your shoes off. : ) Anyway, we had a TON of sushi and some cooked items - all good but definitely not the best in the Dallas area. Our bill was not too bad at all- so i would consider it a good deal for decent sushi. The only problem i've had there is the service - slooooooooowwwww. We especially overwhelmed them with 10 people. Also, on the handful of occasions we've been there, the restaurant never even gets half full - which always gets me worried about the quality of the sushi served. However, I will go back because it was a good meal and we don't spend as much as we do when we go to Teppo - which is soooo good!

                          Can't wait to try Yutaka. Thanks for the recs - i have had my eye on that place but never get out of my Teppo comfort zone! : )

                  2. Yutaka on Boll off McKinney Avenue is the real thing. The chef is Japanese, always there, and serves up the best sushi/sashimi I've had in Dallas in years. Very casual and small with excellent service.

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                      I agree with the Yutaka recommendations. I believe it is quite simply the finest sushi in Dallas.

                      You may also want to try Steel. Super expensive and super trendy, but the food is amazingly fresh. Try the beef tataki. D-lish.