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Nov 8, 2007 05:46 AM

Fritti (pizza) - ATL

Okay I had long, elegant, and well-written post about how I love pizza and how Sotto Sotto and Fritti are so highly rated and how they're certified by the VPN (the only one, apparently). The post was lost and I don't want to retype it so I'll just cut to the chase:

Who's had the pizza at Fritti? Is it life changing? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I love pizza, too, but I have never had it at Fritti -- mainly because it's next door to Sotto Sotto and it's one of my favorite restaurants in all of Atlanta. I know that's a "non-answer", but I can get very good pizza lots of places, but I think the cuisine at Sotto Sotto is extremely special. Friends of mine have given Fritti high marks, though not unanimously so -- but peoples' taste in pizza is almost as subjective as BBQ.

    1. Life changing no, good yes. It is really good. Sotto Sotto is great!

      1. 1 fritto misto, 2 pizzas, two glasses of wine $90 with tip. I could get part of the way to New Haven (my idea of pizza Olympus.) Sure it's good but such a poor value next to Sotto Sotto or any other good Inman Park choice.

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          Mmmm, New Haven. Mmmmm Pepe's...

          The one time I was at Fritti I was not impresssed. Frito misto was greasy and the pizzas thin but soggy.

          What style of pizza are you looking for?

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            Ye gods...

            I'll definitely try it but pricey and pizza generally don't mix.

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              I don't think it's a value, per se. But I think you could navigate the menu more economically. That misto must be $20+. And I forget the wine prices, but I'm more inclined toward a beer when a glass of wine is $12-$15 for something that's that much a bottle in the store.

              I enjoyed the pizza. Think we had the margherita last time, and I thought it was a bit wet, but tasty.

              Here's the dinner menu, for reference:


            2. I like Fritti. It's a nice atmosphere, it's great to sit on the patio when there's good weather. The pizza is not life changing, but I don't know that anywhere in Atlanta has "life changing pizza".

              1. The pizza at Fritti rocks - really flavorful and cooked the right way (and one of only 18 to be certified in the entire US). Great appetizers (even though they are fried). We usually start with the arancini and then have a salad, plus pizza. It's worth the drive for us to come down from Buckhead to eat here. Another good pizza is Baraonda, on Peachtree near the Fox Theatre. Totally different atmosphere than Fritti.