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Nov 8, 2007 05:46 AM

Vessel for baking Bittman bread

I'm going to try to bake 2 no knead breads today. My problem is that I have only 1 cast iron/enamel pot. I do have an all clad pot. Has anyone tried to bake a bread in an all clad pot? I'd hate to was the 20 hours (don't care about wasting the ingredients) Thanks in advance for the info. Oh by the way, for you bakers out there, wilk I have to adjust the time that I bake these if I do them at the same time?

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  1. I often bake 2 or 3 of them, back-to-back, using the same LC french oven. You need only adjust the rising time.

    I have not heard of anyone baking it in a SS pot though ....

    1. I darkened the lid on the all clad when I used it but it worked. I also tried cast iron/enamel but had to turn the oven temperature down 25 degrees because the crust got too brown. After a lot of experimenting, the thing that worked best for me was a small pyrex casserole. It's smaller than recommended but it gets a great rise and is a perfect boule shape.