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Best Upscale Southern Food - NOT BBQ!

Hi all,

Just got back from a trip to Charleston, SC and have not stopped thinking about the food! Are there any good upscale southern food restuarants in Manhattan? I'm looking for something along the lines of Southern Hospitality but heard it was TERRIBLE. Hope that you can help!

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  1. It's not upscale, but Maroons in Chelsea has good southern food in a pleasant room with good service.

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      I second Maroons. Best southern food in the city. Not upscale but a very pleasant dining experience

    2. I'm from the South and know how you feel...give me an idea of some of the food items you're looking for.

      1. Definitely not upscale (is Southern Hospitality even "upscale"?), but the Pink Teacup has some great southern style/soul food in the upscale West Village.

        1. About ten years ago, there was a nice place called Beulah which fitted the bill. Right now, I do not believe there are any upscale Southern restaurants in Manhattan, and certainly I don't know of anywhere serving the distinctive Charleston area cuisine. It's a gap waiting to be filled. (Gage & Tollner, of course, was in Brooklyn, and it's gone anyway).

          I'd love someone to tell me I'm wrong about this.

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            Yes, but Gage and Tollner with soul food is coming back. Amy Ruth's has leased the space, but I am not aware of any opening date.

          2. Try B Smith's in midtown.

            1. I think you'd have better luck looking for a rabbit stew from the island of Malta or some exotic Icelandic specialty than you would searching for US regional cuisine in New York. Your best bet is probably Harlem, where many restaurants are run by blacks who came from the South. One I liked better than most but haven't visited in ten years is Londel's.

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                Londel's is fun for the show, but I wouldn't head there just for the pork chop and greens. Also, I think the kind of Southern cuisine being asked about is quite a bit different from soul food.

              2. Melba's on W. 114th Street in so-called "SoHa" (Soutehrn Harlem) is wonderful--slightly nicefied, delicioius soul food (plus more) in warm, friendly environment. Great mix of people (neighborhood, tourists, young, older) and there's music some nights.

                1. My favorite part of Southern food is the yummy side dishes. Though this is primarliy BBQ, Blue Smoke's non-BBQ items are the best part of their menu, IMO...I could make a meal out of these, alone. Some faves include: deviled eggs, potato chips, fry bread, hush puppies, mac n' cheese, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes.