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Nov 8, 2007 04:50 AM

west chester best bets?

What are the best places around west chester for a nice meal? Ethnic, reasonable price, BOYB, casual, etc. Also, anyone eaten at Mediteranian recently?

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  1. Not casual or ethinic but byob and reasonable price for the quality of the food, service and atmosphere: Gilmore's, hands down.

    1. We go to the Mediteranian pretty frequently for falafel and are always satisfied. LaTolteca is my favorite Mexican - I don't know if it's byob.

        1. re: idia

          Agreed....Gilmore's stands out. French, romantic, a bit pricey...but usually worthwhile. Other than that....Spence Cafe has great seafood, but most people get turned off by the somewhat bohemian scene...shame really. Too many raised noses in West Chester these days (I'm a native as well so don't crucify me for that one). I've heard nothing but bad news coming out of Pietro's Prime (new steakhouse in town). Butterfish is somewhat new...haven't heard much, but I'm familiar with the chef's past and he's totally on the ball.

        2. Wave Noodle if you are craving chinese. La Tolteca is decent Mexican but some people may prefer Senoras. Star of India has alright food but I hear that some prefer the small place in the Gay Street Plaza (haven't been myself). I have to throw in a rec for High Street Cafe's cajun/creole, good wild game and the standards if that's your bag.

          Agree with the other poster's comments on Gilmore's and Spence. I went to Spence recently and for what I paid I was unfortunately unimpressed.

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