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Nov 8, 2007 02:00 AM

Good place for first date in Wspt/Nwlk/Wilton area?

Hello 'hounds!
I have a first date in the Nwlk/Wspt/Wilton area on Saturday (I'm coming from New Haven) and I'd like to suggest a place that's neither too pricey nor chain-y and tacky. Simple, good, even elegant would be nice. Intimate and not too noisy are both important, too. I checked out the menus online for Dressing Room and Schoolhouse at Cannondale, and while they look great, maybe a bit too pricey for a first date, even though eventually I'd love to try both (unless I read recommendations on here to the contrary). Easily accessible off of 95 or Parkway (preferred) are pluses. So, weigh in everybody! Thanks!

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  1. Paci in Southport is a wonderful Italian restaurant, although it might be too pricey for you.It's very easy off of exit 19 on 95. We love everything about the Schoolhouse so you should definitely give that a try in the future. We've had 3 sub par meals at the Dressing Room and I think it's more about the concept and Paul Newman than the food. Barcelona is fun for tapas and you could go either to the Fairfield or South Norwalk location. They have a great variety and it's fun to just pick a bunch of tapas and share...might be a good topic of conversation for a first date! We also love Match in Norwalk, but it can be very loud and frenetic. We also like Wasabi Chi in Norwalk, also for the small plates and sharing.

    1. In Westport, Aqua may be a good choice - great food, nice atmosphere without being too stuffy.

      1. Don't know your age, but if you are low-mid 30's or younger, or just young at heart, SoNo is a great scene on a Saturday night. I concur on the OP's recos for Barcelona and Match

        1. Enter my vote for Barcelona and Match as well. Barcelona is probably a bit cheaper (entrees $18-$25) than Match (entrees $20-$35), but Match is probably a better restaurant. For Japanese, Wasabi Chi and Kazu are good choices in the same neighborhood. Sono has a good scene Thursday-Saturday nights, so if you want to do post-dinner drinks there are lots of places to choose from within walking distance.

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            I love Match as well, but would think it's too loud for a first date...

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              Match can be loud...but Acqua in Westport is the loudest! We go there for lunch because we enjoy the food but at dinnertime it is painfully loud.

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                Went to Paci on my first date with my now I guess I have to second that recommendation.

          2. try Bistro Du Soleil on Washington Street in SoNo . . . less hype than many of the other restaurants down there, but the owners are always in the joint and very hospitable . . . will let you linger as long as you want. Often they have a nice jazz trio playing at the very front near the bar, so it doesn't overwhelm conversation