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Nov 7, 2007 09:28 PM

Nice Dinner Recommendation: Portland OR - veg/fish friendly

Girlfriend and I are going to town on business friday, looking for a recommendation for a good moderately to expensive priced restaurant that serves locally harvested/sustainable/organic cuisine with veg and fish options (we don't eat meat or fowl). Also would appreciate a nice wine list with local offerings

We're coming from Seattle where we love: Tilth, Dhalia, Carmalita's, Stumbling Goat, La Spiga, Lark, monsoon.

It's totally last minute, so a place where we are likely to be able to get a table would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. See if you can get a reservation at Park Kitchen. They have large and small plates. While there is meat on the menu, there are always fish and veggie options. The kitchen has always been cooperative about taking the meat out of a dish if it makes sense.

      1. Jake Martin, at Carlyle, was formerly at both Tilth and Union. Although he's not the chef (sous perhaps?) he's had a strong influence on the menu. They do wonderful things with fish, and they also serve one of my favorite non-meat dishes; a butternut squash agnolotti that is heaven on a plate!

        1. The Farm Cafe on E. Burnside serves only seafood & veg cuisine - full bar, decent wine list (very reasonably priced), but there can be a wait. If you want to experience some awesome vegan cuisine, Nutshell on N. Williams is excellent, though service can be a bit slow. Fife on NE Fremont Street always has at least one vegetarian entree and perhaps two fish entrees, and several salads & apps. Excellent blue crab cakes. Their chef is very into sustainable/organic. It has never too crowded when we've gone, and the food has been wonderful. If you are in the mood for Italian, we recently discovered Iorio on SE Hawthorne, which is a tiny place - nice ambience, good wine list, very tasty food with seafood/veg options. Most of these have websites if you want to check them out.