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Nov 7, 2007 09:03 PM

L'Auberge Sedona - recent experiences or other recs for Sunday dinner?

Been readying this board and am looking for somewhere to go with my husband for dinner this Sunday in Sedona. It will be my first time in Sedona. We were initially planning dinner at L'Auberge but I'm a bit hesitant now given the rash of recent bad reviews and rumours/news that it coincided with new owners. Last in-depth review I could find was from back in the spring though. Has anyone here been there recently? Or could recommend a good alternative? We're open to any food style (except probably Japanese or Chinese - we can get phenomenal Asian in any of our trips to Toronto or Vancouver)... I had my hopes up for Cafe Elote at King's Ransom, but their website states that they are closed on Sundays. Tried to call the hotel to confirm but was on hold for 5mins and gave up.


- Tim

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