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Nov 7, 2007 08:21 PM

RB's, Shem Creek

I haven't read that many post on RB's on this board. My husband and I love it. We've never had a bad meal. We went this past weekend, we had the crab stuffed mushrooms for an app., and both had the casear salad w/ scallops. It was wonderful. Nothing to complain about from the service, to the food, to the ambience, nothing was out of place. Curious to hear your opinions on the place. I did notice alot of tourists, but nothing like some of the places downtown.

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  1. I've always loved RB's. I think a lot of people pass it by because it's not "cutting edge" or "adventurous" cuisine, and because it's not downtown. Fun place to hang out, though.

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      Interesting to read these comments on RB's. Last summer we wound up there on a Sunday evening. Our meal there was less than impressive. To us, it was one step above Red Lobster. I've had much better seafood other places in the area. Maybe they were having an off night, but there are so many great dining choices in the Charleston/Mt. Pleasant area that I haven't rushed back to give RB's a second chance, especially when I usually only have one week a year to eat at all my favorite places down there!

      1. re: BetsyinKY

        I agree with your review. This was the second restaurant I have dined at on Shem's Creek. The waitress was evasive when I asked if the fish was local (though they are literally a stones throw from from shrimp boats). The quality of the food was mediocre, as was the service. When a member of our party spilled a glass of water, the waitress said "don't worry about it, we'll clean it after you're through eating." We literally had to get a manager to clean up the spill. The entrees were just as expensive as SNOB in downtown Charleston. The only redeeming part of our evening was the antics of the pod of dolphins in the creek, which the kids loved.

        -Believe it or not, RB's was better than the Water's Edge (located across Shem's Creek) which used small frozen gulf shrimp (the waiter's admission) in my $20 entree.

        My recommendation is to avoid Shem's Creek altogether. The restaurants are tourist traps that are always packed despite the poor quality of food and service. Drive the extra 15 or 20 minutes into Charleston.

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          I feel the same way. I left there unsatisfied with my purchase, and I had a friend who worked there so we got free apps and drinks!

        2. re: BetsyinKY

          I've had two dates take me to RB's in the past because they knew I'd get a kick out of the dolphins in the creek. Both times the food was subpar to all the other seafood restaurants in town. The second (and last) time I was there I saw a 'Palmetto Bug' skitter right across the center of the room and warned a nearby waitress who then proceeded to squash it and leave a napkin over it for about 5 minutes while she got a busboy to clean it up. Needless to say, we left our plates nearly full and went elsewhere to eat.

      2. I can't stand RB's- the poster that ranked it as a step above Red Lobster took the words out of my mouth. However, Shem Creek is not a total dead zone- Shem Creek Bar and Grill is excellent, especially when it comes to oyster dishes, and they've got some of the best she-crab I've had anywhere in the Charleston area.

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          The Wreck on Shem Creek is very good for classic Southern-style seafood. Red's is good if you are partying.

        2. The Shem Creek area is touristy and the very best deal to be had there is @ the Creekside (on Shem Creek bar & Grill side) on tuesdays for their 1/2 price gourmet burgers! They are freshly ground there at around $5.00. Try it, you will be surprised :)
          Best crabcakes around are served @ The Old Post House in the Old Village on tuesdays & fridays for around $4.00 during their happy hour! Ask them how many hundreds of them they make during these two nights!

          1. Having had a summer home in Charleston for many years and giving RBs multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) tries, we always came away unimpressed.

            My recent visit to the Shem Creek area and discovery of The Wreck of Richard & Charlene, on the other hand, totally redefined my standard for that style of seafood.