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Nov 7, 2007 07:59 PM

Is Shorty's cheesesteaks connected with Tony Luke's?

Is Shorty's on Ninth Ave. in the spot previously occupied by Tony Luke's still associated with the Philadelphia owner's of that family's sandwich operations? The bartender told me that the name is changed but is still owned by the same people that had Tony Luke's NYC. Can anyone confirm this? It is a nice spot to stop in for an after game meal, but it is not very busy and I never see anyone eating there. The bar atmosphere is way different than the Philly Oregon St. vibe.

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  1. Shorty's may have the same owners but ties have been cut with Tony Luke's in Philly. This was reported my NY Magazine. Why else would they change the name?

    1. I reported an immediate decline right after they cut ties with Tony Lukes. The digs are nicer but the Roast Pork Italian of my dreams is sadly no more. When's the next train out to Philly?

      1. I went there for the first time the week after they changed the name. I found the Roast Pork to be a little dryer than the one I had at Tony Luke's, but still pretty good - and the only one in town.

        The guy who ran the place said that they changed the name due to the change in format of the place. He assured me that they still shipped the pork up from Philly every morning.

        I have no idea if that's true. Certainly changing the name isn't so bright if they are still associated, since Tony Luke's has much better name recognition than Shorty's, but that's what he told me.


        1. i was disappointed w/ the new shorty's cheesesteaks - very dry.
          the search continues.

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            Had a Cheesesteak with Brocolli Rabe and Provolone this afternoon. The bread was great, nice and crispy while the steak just oozed with juice. Just as good if not better than Philly. On my list of regular stops.