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Nov 7, 2007 06:56 PM

My good ol' Hound friends - can you inspire me?

I've been planning my Thanksgiving menu and am blocked. This is what I've planned so far:


Pumpkin Custard Profiteroles with Maple caramel

Ok. That's it.

I was leaning towards a french theme - dunno why. Just appealed to me. I know I need a non-salmon fish dish for one person. And ugh - i'm just stumped. I'd love to give a hint to traditional but with new fun dishes. Thoughts? Help!!

Oh - I also know I don't want to do a big turkey - maybe a couple of breasts?

I don't mean to make you do the work for me - I'm just lost.

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  1. Just some things that have been in my mind because of some recent threads:
    Sausage and cherry dressing
    Elvis cake
    Sour cherry strussel cake
    Roasted butternut

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    1. re: yayadave

      i love the suggestions! Thanks so much.

      I find it hilarious that you mention the Elvis cake 'cause I posted it here - lol. I might be Elvis-caked out for a bit.....but it is fantastic.

      1. re: krissywats

        I remembered that you had posted it. Just because you posted it doesn't mean you can't have it again.

        Anyway, we're out for the holiday, taking turkey, so I know they'll have punkin something and apple something else. That's when I started thinking about blowing them all away with the Elvis cake, Sour cherry strussel cake, and maybe even Roasted butternut as a side. If the standard items are covered, you can afford a side trip. I won't get away with a sausage and cherry stuffin.'

    2. if you don't have a huge crowd, do a whole rolled and stuffed breast. Did it one year and it was fabulous. The recipe came from Sunset and had chopped apricots in the dressing. Also, great not to have to spend an hour breaking down and packaging all the leftovers for a change.

      How about a chesnut souffle or timbale?

      Spiced pumpkin trifle flavored with rum and frangelica? (make a pumpkin flavored sponge cake and use lots of fresh grated nutmeg.)

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      1. re: toodie jane

        I second the turkey roulade idea it's elegant, roll it with a simple stuffing. If you want to be fancy try sous-viding it in sage butter or something. Make a cranberry and sherry gastrique to serve along. Try making sweet potato blinis for a first course. Good luck, it sounds incredibly upscale.

        1. re: digkv

          I dont know a ton about sous-viding. Can you do it without having one of those fancy food sealing thingies?

          1. re: krissywats

            Yes, you can wrap the roulade tightly in plastic wrap and cook it that way. That's a sort of sous-viding that Keller did for his duck. I'll look up some more info on this technique.

            1. re: krissywats

     here's a link from Thomas Keller where he provides an option of sous-viding a turkey breast with plastic wrap. This is a link to a blog that sous-vided with plastic wrap

              It seems that the only real piece of technology you need is a thermometer unless you happen to have a thermal immersion circulator. Good luck!

        2. How about a side of butternut pancakes similar to potato pancakes?

          1. Turkey roulade was my first thought as well. I've got a couple recipes in a notebook squirreled away for a future Thanksgiving where it's just a small group of us, or where I want something more elegant than a roast turkey. Here's a search from Epicurious:

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            1. re: farmersdaughter

              ok, so could i brine the turkey breast and then do a roulade and sous-vide as mentioned above? Frankly, these are all things i've never done before but it sounds fun!

            2. For fish you could roast or grill any type of fish couldn't you? cod, halibut, monkfish tilapia.. whatever you can find in your local market. Or how about grilled calamari ?