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Nov 7, 2007 06:45 PM

double wall oven

can anyone recommend a good double wall oven with glide out racks. Any thoughts on the electrolux icon or ge monogram?

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  1. We have the Electrolux Icons. Only had them a few monthes but love them. The ball bearing racks are very cool just a touch and they roll right in or out. Haven't used the convection yet but have baked and roasted with very even results.

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    1. re: Eric in NJ

      The ball bearing racks are cool but ours slides back in just as you are about to put the food on them. It's very frustrating. We called support and they just said yes they are very sesitive. They would be much better if they slid into a sort of lock position that you just pushed a little to get back up and sliding. I would go back to the regular racks if I had the choice because of this problem.

      1. re: KarRoy

        The trick I've found is to slide the rack out and place the food down on it rather than try to slide it onto the rack. Then you just push the rack back in. Worked great over the holidays baking mucho trays of cookies.

    2. is seld-cleaning in the electrolux oven a hassle b/c you have to remove the racks and their holders?

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      1. re: whli

        They have only been in since June so we haven't used the clean cycle yet. All the racks just lift out thogh I don't see any hassle. Each oven has 2 racks on the roller track and 2 that just slide in. I don't know if you are supposed to remove the tracks also. I'll look in the manual tonight.

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          I checked the manual and it looks like the rack supports just lift out. They do have to be removed or the self clean feature will not run. Interesting as our old Maytag range did not require this.

        2. Not sure where you are whli, but service may be as big a factor as the original quality, especially if something does go wrong. Make sure there is a local rep, not just a dealer, who will be there to take care of servicing. The issue is more pronounced here in Honolulu than most places (3,000 miles of ocean) but it can still be a pain.

          1. As far as repairs, I'm located in NYC- so I imagine it shouldn't be too hard to find repair people, although I could be wrong. I would really like to find very reliable ovens and cooktop so that I can hopefully avoid having them repaired.

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              I lovelovelove my Miele cooktop and single oven (don't know about the double)....They're $$$$ but I cannot recommend them more highly...elegant, reliable, powerful + a company that totally stands behind their products! So much better than my former Dacor, there's absolutely no comparison.

            2. jfood is the owner of the GE (made by Bosch) double Monogram wall ovens. Here is the jfood input:

              - The convection roast and convection bake are outstanding. jfood loves these two setting. Roast a chicken that needs a little extra crisp and 5 minutes at the end and presto
              - Whenever the recipe (espaecially baking calls for a spread in cooking times, you immediately go to the longer time for some reason.
              - They take FOREVER to heat up (>20 minutes to 350 and 30-35 to 425)
              - The cool down cycle is too noisy
              - The blower for the ovens is on the top and if you or your SO are about 5' tall every time they pass theoven they will get a shot of hot air in their faces
              - The self-cleaning can take 3-4 hours per oven. And they do not really do a good job. Jfood takes a little SOS pad and in under an hour has both ovens cleaned and cleaned well.
              - They cook uneven (but most do so not specific to Mono)

              When M&M get around to it they will probably replace with the Dacor.

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                I have double Wolf ovens and love them.
                The slide out racks are very sturdy with an easy glide and the performance of the oven has been outstanding. Food seems to cook on the faster side of things, but after getting used to it, it's really been a nice bonus.
                My only bummer is the cool-down cycle... it's a bit loud, but I'm not sure what the norm is, either.