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Nov 7, 2007 06:21 PM

Best Pad Ki Mow

I know that Thai food in Manhattan is generally said to be average at best by many Chowhounders. Everyone always asks about the best Thai food in Manhattan and no place really covers all the bases: some dishes are great, others are terrible, maybe all are terrible. I don't care how great a Thai restaurant makes curry, pad thai, etc. I want to know the best place to get pad ki mow, either with chicken, shrimp or duck, in either Manhattan or Brooklyn. Help me out please!

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  1. I find that like almost everything there, the pad ki mow at SriPraPhai is best, but that's out of my way. I enjoy Thai Sky in Park Slope in Brooklyn as well as AM Thai on McDonald Avenue (also in Brooklyn). As for Manhattan, I have yet to try Pam's Real Thai which I heard was good, relatively speaking. I also want to try Holy Basil on 2nd Avenue. Anyone recommend these as best or have an alternative?

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      Khao Homm on 61st street just off of the woodside train station..
      oh so proper

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        Khao Homm is no more and has been replaced by another Thai restaurant. That happened a while back. FYI

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            Not that this fact matters since I asked about Manhattan or Brooklyn. Thanks though.

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              Thailand Cafe on 2nd Ave btwn 5 & 6th Sts has a tasty Pad Ki Mow aka Drunken Noodles. Very peppery and spicy. Don't know if it's the BEST but certainly worth trying. In fact I actually enjoyed Thailnad Cafe's version better than Sri's.

    2. Holy Basil's is yummy :) They do theirs with both chicken and shrimp I think. I get it extra spicy!!