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Nov 7, 2007 06:19 PM

Bourdain in DC

Hope I am putting this in the right place this time. I just have to say that for those who don't like Bourdain, trust me. The man is genuine and warm. In my mamaloshen (mother tongue), the guy is a mensch. A goombah. Hey. He's from New Jersey. What more do you need to know? Listening to Bourdain for an hour is like giving your mind a great meal. And he's not hard on the eyes, either.

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  1. A few weeks ago in Montreal, I drooled.

    1. Yeah - just saw him tonight at the Lisner. Even though it was pretty much a promo tour for his new book/new season, it was still pretty cool to hear him answer questions and talk. The thing about him is that he really knows that this (what he's doing now) is so far away from "the line" and the kind of life he used to live. He stayed afterwards and signed books for like 2 hours and (even though obviously exhausted) still managed to put on a smile and posed for photos. (I know - rough life right? But the fact is that if he was really a diva, he would have just left and had a time limit....but he stayed.) Anyways, I think if you were cooking one day and a month later you're travelling the world and signing autographs, you'd be grateful too.

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        It was the same here in Montreal. The "lecture" lasted much longer than it was supposed to, just because he answered everyone's question. He also stayed and signed books until the last patron left. We know, because we were having dinner in a restaurant across the street from the venue and saw him leaving at least 1 1/2 hours after we did, looking quite pooped. But I think he knows it's not so good to bite the hand that feeds you. Without the fans, he has no show. Without the show well, no $$$$

      2. I saw him as well at the Lisner last night and I thought the entire evening was so much fun and entertaining. Besides the fact that I am so strongly attracted to him he was funny, totally delivered, but presented new stories and info that even a true fan could appreciate. I was a little afraid that he was just going to be rehashing everything I had already read or seen on the show but there was a lot of new info he talked about.

        And I thought the questions from the audience were great as well. Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun and the group of food dorks that gathered there had some great questions that I really enjoyed listening to him answer.

        He's very genuine and I think he has softened a bit over the years. I imagine that type of travel and meeting the people he meets (plus the birth of his daughter) has changed him in some way---for the better. He's still totally rough and opinionated but he does is in a way that doesn't make him seem like such a douche. :)

        He's one of those people that you would just love to spend a weekend hanging out, eating good food around NYC and drinking with.

        Plus he included Chowhound in one of his answers about finding good eats in far off places. I thought he was going to rip us to pieces but instead he just called us major food geeks and gave the perfect description of your typical Chowhound thread. He DID compare us to the Comicbook Geek on the Simpson's though...sounds about right. :)

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          Elyssa, are you "in" or "out" with the ":food dorks"? ;-D

        2. Yeah I was like the last person to get my book signed and get a picture there might have been like 3 after me. I would feel sorry for him because he did look exhausted, but I can't feel sorry for someone who gets paid to eat and travel and write about it. I am sure the pay and perks are worth it.

          I was so embarrassed when one older lady asked him to flash the audience so she could see his bod. He definately has soften as his eyes have opened to people around the world. And he is so skinny, I wonder if he will start to put on more weight now that he has stopped smoking or if he just has one of those killer metabolisms.

          I thought his mention of chow and egullet was spot on and very complimentery. He described a newbie poster so well going off on a thread and then getting ripped to shreds. The BF was cracking up.

          It was definately a dog and pony tour, but some of the questions were great, like what he was going to feed his girl.

          I saw a girl carrying in to go bags of food at the end, I wonder if it was for him or the staff if it wasn't for him I am guessing it was a minibar night. Anyone know if he went anywhere other than Ben's? And who he went with.

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          1. re: ktmoomau

            Did any of you asked any questions? I thought the hangover cure question was the best...especially since she blasted the guy's question before

            Where did you guys go to eat before/after?

            1. re: MFoxM

              My questions already were answered before I got a chance to get up there. My Mom, a big Bourdain fan (the entire family is actually) and a retired microbiologist was very curious about how often he gets food poisioning or sick. She finds it hard to believe that even if he has a stomach of steel that he wouldn't be pretty damn ill after eating the rectum of a warthog. :) I told her that he kind of answered the question (with the Hilton Hotel tuna sandwich vs dirty taco stand tacos story) but she's not convinced. She thinks he must take a regular dose of antibiotics when he travels.

              My other question was going to be the last supper question. (I really need to go out and buy that book now...especially now that he is nude in it.)

              The questions were so great because they touched upon a lot that thrills me about Bourdain: his philosophy on food, his love for great music, his stumble upon politics through his travels.....his hang over methods. :)

              1. re: Elyssa

                Anthony Bourdain's hangover tips?! Please do share!

                1. re: Zoe19

                  Haha, I was there too at the Lisner, and the main ingredient in his hangover remedy is a fat joint rolled with good dope. yah, baby!

                  1. re: PakaloloDreams

                    Ya it pretty much was before you even lift your head and get out of bed smoke a big joint. Then I think it was eat some very spicey food (perhaps Indian etc) and then was the 3rd part drink a Coke? Something along those lines.

                    The large emphasis was smoke a joint though. lol

                      1. re: MFoxM

                        Leftover kung pow to be exact, and yes a coke.

                          1. re: Elyssa

                            well, he is QUITE the world citizen, isn't he?