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Nov 7, 2007 05:24 PM

using soy milk

I am interested in baking or cooking using soy milk in any recipes. I know that when ,making pudding you cannot use milk. i would appreciate receiving your suggestions.

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  1. Try looking up vegan desserts as they always use soy milk. There's a vegan chocolate rum pudding on chow that uses soy milk and it isn't so bad.

    1. I used to bake for vegans and just used soy milk where other recipes called for milk. I have found some vegan recipes lacking (but I'm also a fan of butter over margarine - margarine's just scary).

      The taste won't be noticeably different in, say, a cake, but it might be in a dessert that is very milk-centric, like rice pudding.

      1. I've successfully used rice milk and soy milk for most baking also pancake/waffle recipes. Rice milk seems to have a bit less "aftertaste" than soy. You could also experiment with almond milk and get that pleasant almond-ish flavor too.

        1. I frequently use soy milk for cooking. I have never had a problem with muffins or quick breads, or for somthing that calls for a small amount. I have even found its OK to use soy milk in some chowder-like soups (espeically if there are lots of other things in it) but ONLY if you use un-sweetened soy milk (I use the Unsweetend Silk that comes in the green carton)