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Nov 7, 2007 04:58 PM

Another FABULOUS night at John Andrews...tonight - Old Inn On The Green

hi all

i have been pretty absent from CH these past months because everytime i goto the www, my computer freezes. is this happening to anyone?

anyway- had a dinner last night to die for so i had to try to write up a new post.

my good friends from CA are here for the week so last night DH & i went to john andrews
( of course ) with them last night. we started with a round of cocktails while looking at wine list and DH & i were BLOWN AWAY when we saw steven kent cab on the wine list. this is a winery in CA that we lived about 5 miles away from. we were a "member" of their wine club and just loved it. the wine was great. for apps we got 2 of THEE salad: the prosciutto-mozzerella one. god its just the best....we also got 2 half pasta dishes- i tried a pumpkin ravioli type thing with a brown butter sage sauce- YUM and our friends got the gnocchi dish im always talking about- the ricotta gnocchi with prosciutto, parm, and spinach. the loved it of course. for dinner we had: braised pork shoulder, monk fish, some special chicken, and i got the gnocchi for dinner. everyone loved it. desserts we had: home made ice cream- pumpkin, ginger, chocolate, and raspberry. a quince tart, creme brulee, and my DH had some apple action i forget the name but we all loved it.

all and all a AWESOME dinner. with tax & tip ( %15 taken off for "locals" on mon & tue ) and a round of drinks taken off: $253.

tonight my friends are going to the old inn on the green for dinner...there is a special there on wed & thu $99 a person for dinner and to spend the night. i figured if they wanted the total "country" feel, that had to do it! i will report back ( if my computer lets me! ) how they liked it....

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  1. Hey Hey, Niccole,
    Funny you should mention it. We were at John Andrews a couple Sunday nights ago with some friends. We had spoken to Danny earlier in the day and knew he would not be there that night; of course Glenn sent out a terrific meal. And Aaron found us some wines we did not know. They sent out a couple different pastas in between courses...they were really wonderful. Then we went with some friends from D.C. (who have been there with us a number of times before.) to Old Inn this past Sunday...just incredible as always. We generally let James make the wine choices. I hope there are many out there who feel the same as we do about both places.

    1. You are always a wonderful resource about these places, and due to you and other local fans of John Andrews, I have been there more than once. The food has been very good. I would love to try The Old Inn on the Green for their special (dinner and spend the night) but their web site does not indicate that this is going on., so I will call, as I would like to try it, having heard so much. Any special recommendations for dinner if I can make this work? I am moving away from this area right after Thanksgiving and would love to try The Old Inn on the Green before I go...I think it is the only place in this area I have not tried yet. Thanks!

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      1. re: mvi

        mvi: check the www again, i was just looking on it 2 days ago to make sure the special was in effect. its for wed & thu and i think its on the left side column on the "lodging" page. my friends called from the airport last night and they REALLY enjoyed themselves. its a 3 course meal you get to choose from, with 2 choices each i do believe for each course. they had for app: ginger & carrot soup which was VERY good and blue cheese-endive-pecan salad which was also very good. for dinner they both had the lamb shank which was delicious and BIG portion and for dessert they both got fudge brownie w/ maple ice cream. the loved the whole meal and the comfy cozy romantic dining room. its so funny though, i had saved them last weeks issue of berkshire record so they could read the article about the haunted inn in sandisfield. they told me they were scared the death sleeping out in the middle of nowhere like that! ( hahahha- total city folk ) they really did love it, yes, go there before you move away! didnt you just move here? was that you?

        nidanlou: what a coincidence! those pastas dishes at JA are just the best. i really wanted to try the wild boar ragu pasta dish but i had to get the gnocchi. ahhh next time...i also need to ask aaron how he ever found that wine we had! hopefully i will be in again over the holiday season....

        1. re: niccole

          You are great to report in with such detail. Yes, I did just move here about a year ago but am moving to Providence shortly....Looking forward to it. I have really enjoyed all of the great chow spots in this area, though, and I will be back to visit, for sure. John Andrews is really fabulous and I never would have gone had it not been for the rave reviews on this board. I wish I had been better about writing reviews myself, but I seem to have way too much going on these days. When I get to Providence, I will be better about my experiences as I explore new spots there. And If I make it to Old Inn on the Green before I go, I will report back in great detail. Thanks, all!

          1. re: mvi

            Providence is a FABULOUS city. I grew up there, and my whole family is there once a month. You cannot go wrong with most of the restaurants on the Hill...when I was a kid, we went every Sunday night (Old Canteen). . Places on the Hill that are great are Zoomah, Mediterraneao, Sienna, and Pane Vino. At Pan e Vino, in the winter, Sunday and Monday are wine lovers' night...every wine, be it by the glass or bottle is half price. Also, Mills Tavern is one of my favorites. And that ain't will be so close to the bay, that it is really easy to go to The Inn at Castle Hill in Newport... what a setting!!!!!!!!!. And do not miss Twin Oaks. It is a Rhode Island institution. And back to the Hill...Venda Ravioli...the Dean and Delucca of Providence; in fact, one of the cheese guys is from North Adams. Ido not know his name; I just say: "Hey, North Adams, how are you?" when I go in there. And you will know you have become a true Rhode Island when you start defining locations of stores and restaurants in the context of where something "used to be."

            1. re: nidanlou

              Thanks so much for the great Providence endorsement. I can't wait to be settled in and am hearing awesome things about the restaurants there. I am going to save all of your suggestions and try them out, one by one. Most people would probably agree that moving is among the top 5 in terms of stress inducing experiences, - and this is my second big move in a year- but one pleasant byproduct of any move is the anticipation of trying out new places to eat. I am within walking distance of some of the best places in Providence and am eager to try them all out. But, I will miss John Andrews here in the Berkshires! It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive between Providence and John Andrews if I do it right, so I am going to return when I get the urge. Many thanks.

      2. Hi Niccole! I've missed you and your posts but your review of JA makes me want to drive out right now and go! Did your friends make it out to Boston for any eats?

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        1. re: bostonfoodie111

          hey bostonfoodie! NEPTUNE OYSTER, baby! we met my friends from CA, along with our friends who live in boston, and we met right at NO. my friends who live there love NO. we got seats right at the bar which was cool and we had a few drinks...i had a white peach bellini and a blood orange bellini ( LOVED them ) and were going to eat there but our CA friends were unfortunately not a big fan of the raw bar action. we walked around some more and wound up at spregga ( spell? ) and it was good, not great, not really the atmosphere we were looking for, but the food was pretty tasty but over priced we thought. we were with good friends so it was all good, you know? we really wanted to walk around and play things by ear ( no reservations ) so it all worked out...BUT next time....when DH & i come back, i could sit at NO all night drinking bellinis and chow some tasty treats. good news- im moving from sheffield to south egremont 12/1 so ill be like 3 miles from JA :) have a great thanksgiving and hopefully you will get out here over the holidays and have some more JA.

          1. re: niccole

            WOW Niccole! Literally minutes from JA! I'm jealous!! :) Yes, I think I will have to plan a weekend away with my boyfriend and go to JA. He has yet to experience it and my friend who came with me who now moved back to Santa Barbara is STILL talking about that dinner... yum yum!! I hope your move goes smoothly and I wish you and yours a lovely Thanksgiving! I will be cooking and baking for 14! How about you? :) Definitely have to hit NO next time you are in Boston. I also can't recommend Meritage in the Boston Harbor Hotel enough for brunch. Be VERY hungry and you will love it... great experience!