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Nov 7, 2007 03:58 PM

Favourites East End Haunts?


Besides Batifole and El Sol...where's good this side of the DVP?

....also I realize I live near Greek town and Little India but I am looking for some other hidden gems.

(Cheap eats particularly welcome!)

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  1. Bibiche Bistro on Danforth at Greenwood.

    1. Ten feet tall is pretty good , especially their sweet potato fries

      1. Try the Armenian Kitchen? It is on Vic Park north of Eglinton. Two can dine there for under $30 and the food is quite tastey, not to mention healthy.

        1. Weezies on King East just East of Parliament is great....small...wonderful food and service...Miranda

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            was at weezies on Friday, best darn burger ever, service was great, friendly, fun. Can't wait to go back and try the mac & Cheese

          2. what about Tomi Kro?

            Tulip is a personal favorite. Its one of those over-achieving haunts that you would think serves crap (and they do) but for whatever reason churn out one of the best chopped liver and onions around. Their steak, for the price, is also stunningly awesome. I challenge anyone to find a better $15 NY strip.

            Lahore Tikka? yummmm.

            Allens (a little far from you - broadview/danforth) but arguably one of the better if not the best burgers in the city.

            Globe Bistro (broadview/danforth..again a little far) is absolutely amazing. Haven't been since Cutrara left, but from what i hear, it hasn't skipped a beat.

            Ok Ok has a great brunch. I've only been a couple of times but their heuvos rancheros is pretty delish and my girlfriend swears by their fruit/granola/yogurt parfait.