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Nov 7, 2007 03:49 PM

Casual family dinner near Red Hook, NY (Dutchess County)

Planning to be in Red Hook in a few weeks for the annual Christmas tree cutting adventure (can't believe it's that time already!) and would like to plan on having dinner in the area afterwards. No little kids involved, youngest is 18, but don't want anyplace too fancy as we won't be dressed for it. One family member eats no red meat, but other than that we're fairly flexible. Any suggestions are welcomed - thanks!

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  1. Try Gigi's in Rhinebeck. Not too fancy, not too casual, good meal choices, priced right.

    1. Even many of the upscale places in the area don't necessitate being dressed up. In Red Hook, Mercato is a lovely Italian restaurant with excellent pastas. It would be about 30 per person with drinks.

      Gigi, which another poster mentioned, would be a bit more but is great. Although a recent discussion was about a poster not liking Terrapin in Rhinebeck, we like it a lot. There is a bar side that serves the same food as the restaurant side but is more casual.

      Another possibility but it would be a little further away would be Diaspora -- a nice, not-too-fancy Greek place on the road from the Taconic to Rhinebeck.

      Locals swear by China Rose in Rhinecliff but I think it is too bland. But it does have a great location -- right on the Hudson.

      We've not been but a lovely place is the Madalin (I've spelled that wrong but don't remember the right spelling) Hotel in Tivoli, about 4 miles north of Red Hook. There are some other nice places in Tivoli.

      None of these would be high-end dining of a pricey sort or that would require nice dress.

      More downscale than any I've mentioned is Foster's in Rhinebeck -- steaks and breaded shrimp sort of place with great draft beers.

      We've not been but the Rondout area of Kingston -- on the other side of the river from Red Hook -- evidently has loads of great places along the river.

      1. Thanks for the replies so far - sounds like some good choices!

        For the possibility that we end up looking for someplace REALLY casual (i.e. if it is rainy or snowy and we have been traipsing up and down muddy hills all afternoon) how is the "Historic Village Diner" in Red Hook as diners go?

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          It's fun but it's small. Depending on how many you are, you might have to wait. I'd say for really casual, you'd be better driving the 4 miles to Rhinebeck and going to Foster's. (And if any of you needs a drink after all that hiking, the diner won't work.!