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Nov 7, 2007 03:25 PM


We have recently moved to Indianapolis. Suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner in or proximate to the city?

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  1. I'm visiting Indy on Thanksgiving Day and have the same question. Sorry I can't help but I'll be checking your replies.

    1. The only restaurant I've seen advertise for a Thanksgiving meal this year -- so far -- is McCormick and Schmick's, in downtown Indy. I was actually just looking for info, myself. I'm pretty sure there will be some listings for Thanksgiving meals in this week's NUVO -- Terry Kirts usually compiles a list of several possibilities. Might look online at NUVO's site, too?

      1. How far do you want to drive? Story Inn, in Story (just a bit over an hour from Indy, I am thinking, depending on where you start from -- you'd have to map it), does Thanksgiving Dinner. The menu is available here: I am not in general wild about their food, but I've heard some recent reports from people who have liked it. As far as atmosphere, it's a perfect Thanksgiving Day destination --quaint, homey, rustic. Over the river and through the woods kinds of stuff.

        1. Many thanks for your Story Inn recommendation.
          Recently I have seen an ad for the Oak Hill Mansion, in Fishers on 116th St. A Thanksgiving Day Buffett.
          It appears we shall not be without options.

          1. I can't comment on the quality of food at any of the available restaurants, but you can also check on for possible open restaurants.