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Nov 7, 2007 02:29 PM

Puff pastry

I'm looking for puff pastry in (preferably South) Orange County. In the event I can't find Dufours at the Whole Foods, does anyone know a bakery where I could get a sheet?

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  1. I got a box of the artisian puff pastry sheets at Trader Joe's. Haven't tried it yet but the web reviews had been very favorable:

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    1. re: notmartha

      I had read about that, but I'm doing a beef wellington, and I'm afraid the sugar will make it too sweet.

      Thank you very much for the reply though.

      1. re: notmartha

        Not so great! I needed only one sheet at a time and, since there is no plastic or paper separating the two sheets, it would not pull apart. After slight thawing, I had a difficult time ( tears etc.) so just used both by patching . Not a pleasant experience.Back to Pepperidge farm even with the lousy ingredients.

        1. re: marti

          I thought I read that you have to separate them while they are still frozen. Thanks for the info though.

          I guess I'll check the ingredients on the puff pastry. I thought it's just dough - not that much sugar?!

          1. re: notmartha

            Checked the ingredients. Sugar is next to last in the list, and there's a recipe for cheese straws on the box, so I suspect it's not _that_ sweet.

      2. Gelson's sells puffed pastry in teh freezer section.