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Nov 7, 2007 02:25 PM

Where to go for my bday?

Group, not sure the exact number but probably around 8-10, in our mid/late 20's. Will be the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend so reservations are a must. Not too expensive but fun and yummy. Some of the group are not too adventerous so need to be at least some "safe" choices on the menu. Also, I have to make an 11PM train so near Penn Station is preferred (at least near an appropriate subway line). Also, no real dress code, thanks.

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  1. Compass.
    It's safe and food's really good.

    1. "safe." "not too adventurous." "not too expensive." um, Corner Bistro? oh, wait, you want to have reservations..... you could go to Rosa Mexicano, but that isn't exactly birthday-worthy for someone on Chowhound. i say pick new friends. failing that, see if the front table at Lupa is still available at 6pm. but seriously, consider a friend refresh.

      1. I took a few unadventurous friends to Crispo and everyone really enjoyed both the food and the ambiance. The carbonara is possibly the best pasta dish I've ever had. It's only 1 stop from Penn and relatively inexpensive. There's a little private "nook" that looks as if it would accomodate your group. Enjoy!