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Nov 7, 2007 02:18 PM

Good hotpot downtown

Now that the weather's turned chill in earnest, I'd love to tuck into some good, relatively inexpensive, Northern Chinese or Taiwanese hot pot. I've read in another post about some nice sounding places in Markham and thereabouts but I'm limited to downtown as I don't have a car. Any suggestions? There is one place on Baldwin just west of Spadina in Kensington that seems to do well (I've forgotten the name). Has anyone tried that one?

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  1. Try the one on Dundas street west. (1 block east of Spadina) I have been there 2 times. The quality of meet is excellent. Last time I went there, the table sat beside me is a group of 4, I believe they are their regalar or friends of the owner. I heart the waiter/owner recommend a good quality of AAA beef to them. I saw they are very marbling pieces. Unforntunately I already full and I will definte try next time and will report back.

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      anyone know what this hotpot place on Dundas is called? Which side of Dundas?

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        Sorry for the bump of this old thread, but I am interested as well!

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          I check that place last weekend again and their menu has been changed. Thay are now serving hot pot buffet which is usually I don't like it. Since my last eating experience was good, we decided give it a shoot.

          I found their beef is surprising good (very marbled) and they have a lot of meat balls I haven't seem them before. The most impressed my wife is the comfort level. (which is I didn't aware of) If you look at from the outside, you may think this is just a typical Chinatown's restruant, dirty and packed. Once you get in, you will find youself in a different world.

          By the way, they are located at Dundas st east, one block east of Spadina, called Hot Pot on Dundas, which is the same place as Queen bakery. They have a dinning room at basement level but I saw some people dinning at bakery level as well.

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            Does anyone have an exact address of this hot pot place and/or contact number?


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              I just follow the direction and the place is so easy to miss. It is at 442 Dundas Street West basement. Not so sure they are related to the bakery upstair. Quality and atmosphere is very good. But no wine serving there. I ask the waitress and she said they are appling for. WHAT A MISS.

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                Thanks. I'm hoping to give it a try some time.