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Nov 7, 2007 02:11 PM

Best Fried Turkey in Dallas?

Hi all-
Looking for someplace to order a fried turkey for Thanksgiving. Have searched around on the internet but only found one place. Any other recommendations would be really helpful!

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  1. media,

    I believe there is a whole store at Arapaho & Montfort devoted to this

    I have also seen that Catfish Floyds has them

    I just found this place also that has them available for delivery in D/FW?? Haven't heard of this place but some other posters might have.

    I know that the local Dickey's and Popeye's have them available closer to Thanksgiving. That is a start hopefully

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    1. re: soulslinger

      There is a listing on Popeye's web site that shows which stores will have the deep fried turkeys available for Thanksgiving. I have had Popeye's in the past and they are not only tasty but a good bargain. There's also no delivery fees.

    2. thanks so much-- this is very helpful!

      Happy Thanksgiving!