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Nov 7, 2007 01:32 PM

Leg of lamb -- better ideas?

So I'm making leg of lamb this Sat. anyone have anthing more interesting than the usual herb/garlic crust (rosemary, thyme, etc. -- yawn)?

I'm very open to even the most adventurous suggestion, as long as it tastes great!


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  1. You're right about the usual lamb flavorings. However, it really depends on your taste. Lamb has such a delicate, subtle flavor (at least to my smoker's tastebuds) that it's hard to deviate.

    If you don't care: spicy curry and lemongrass, or salty wasabi paste -- I like my lamb rare, so the crust is just enough to give it a nice bite

    If you do care: splash of wine and sprinkle of salt

    1. Try making it Moroccan in flavor: spice rub of cumin, coriander, a bit of cinnamon, some fennel. Try adding flavors like cilantro, preserved lemons, dried apricots, oil brined olives, parsley, ginger, and/or honey. I guess these ingredients may work in a marinade or braising liquid flavoring or as a paste to rub on the outside.

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        I made lamb leg steaks tonight rubbed with garlic, cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, and olive oil. I let them sit for half an hour or so with the paste on, then cooked on the grill. They were unanimously approved by the family

        I agree that cinnamon would be a great addition to this.

      2. Try some dijon mustard with pine nuts and basil to make a pesto like paste. To make lamb you CANNOT escape garlic/thyme - but you can keep it light for a subtle accent instead of the main note. Also a sprinkle of curry and tumaric and paprika will give it just a little bit of a kick.

        The other thing you can do to give the lamb a different note is the type of root veggies you use. I'm assuming you're browning it and then putting it in the oven? Try putting pears and apples along with your usual onions (a must) carrots, celery to give it a sweeter accent. (dont forget the taters!)

        Listen. Leg of lamb is all about the lamb. So the best thing is usually to keep it simple, season it well, and enjoy the wonderful bambi flavor.


        What carbs are you thinking of serving with this? You can be super creative with the sides!!

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          I made leg of lamb yesterday. Simply by making 10 gashes in the surface of the lamb and inserting slivers of garlic in each. Seasoning with salt and pepper and dusting it with a little flour. Roasted at 325 degrees.

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            First of all, I would like to thank everybody for their tips! Very, very appreciated. It's true it's about the lamb flavor, but I really wanted to try something different. As for the carbs, I am planning on making a potato gratin -- one of my specialties. Veg is still open. Spinach is always a great side for lamb, I find, but hey, I am equally open to suggestions about that. Call me lazy :-D. No, call me open to new ideas! Again, thanks so much.

          2. indian lamb with spinach, one of my favorites:
            (even better if make ahead)

            1. For a butterflied leg of lamb, I like this recipe for hoisin marinated lamb from Epicurious:

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                I was a bigger fan of the Moroccan spice-rubbed leg of lamb on Epicurious: I don't think there's anyway not to like it. The spices truly sing with the lamb. I've used the rub for butterflied and bone-in lamb, as well as on chops -- it's unbearably good every time.

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                  JungMann, is this the archetype (ha!) for your dish:
                  the charmoula spice blend, particularly?

                  do you tweak it as some reviewers suggested?

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                    You get ten points for the pun. I posted my recipe for the Moroccan spice-rub, but I definitely will have to try the recipe you posted. Very interesting...