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Nov 7, 2007 12:50 PM

Veggie friendly, not vegetarian places

Looking for places with lots of veggie options but not strictly vegetarian. I don't want a place with just a veggie burger or a single veggie entree. Let me know your favorite places and dishes!

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  1. Indian food is great when you have a group with veggies. Aster's Ethiopian is another great choice.

    1. I am veggie but my husband is not but we both really like all the options at Magnolia Cafe. I love the Tony Burger with a veg patty--it is the most amazing veggie burger I have had anywhere-- and I eat a lot of them all over the country. Great for breakfast too.

      1. Kerbey Lane has a lot of options too...

        1. There are a couple of Indian veggie places.The most notable, IMO, is the one north of 183 on Lamar. Can't think of the name of it right of. Indian places usually have quite a few veggie options on their menu.

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            Singlemalt, I believe you're thinking of Madras Pavillion (on the NE corner of Burnet and 183). Love those dosas!
            Most restaurants in Austin are quite vegetarian-friendly (with more than just veggie burgers available). I think there was a good thread about this very subject a few months ago. I'll try to find it.
            As a vegetarian, I love these places:
            Tacodeli (every vegetarain taco or plate I've had there has been great
            )Ruby's BBQ (black bean and cilantro tacos)
            Freebird Burrito
            East Side Cafe
            Galaxy Cafe (lots of wraps and *ahem* veggie burgers and sweet potato fries)
            Little Deli (try the vegetarian sandwich!)
            Arturo's (Thai veggie sandwich)
            Hyde Park Grill (lentil soup, a few sandwiches, and those fries)

            Also, if you do just want a veggie burger, Phil's Icehouse makes veggie versions of all their burgers.
            Ditto for Dog Almighty (except that their medium is the hot dog).

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              Are you thinking of Swad, singlemalt? I really hate wasting a meal on no-meat fare, but this place I can handle. Great food.

              1. re: jwynne2000

                Thanks so much for all the suggestions, LOVE tacodeli and like East side cafe a lot! And while it has been a while Madras' dosas are really tasty!

            2. If you're ever down southwest in the Oak Hill area you may want to try Flip's Satellite Cafe. It's in the strip center at 290 and 71, next to Big Lots. They have veggie breakfast tacos, veggie wraps, portobelo sandwiches, and many other options including with tofu. They also do decent chicken and steak meals for non-vegetarians.