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Nov 7, 2007 12:45 PM

San Diego Wedding Luncheon venue

I having a very small wedding in March, in Poway, and want to take our wedding party (about 30 people) to lunch afterwards. Our first choice was Parkhouse Eatery, but our group is too big for a Saturday lunch time. We just want everyone to order what they want off of the menu, no special "catering" type requests needed. I do have one problem -- my mother can't eat anything with gluten, and there are a number of vegetarians in the family. And please, no one suggest PF Chang! We want to keep the tab to about $30 a person, not including drinks. Any suggestions?

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  1. Are you in Poway as well? If so, Brigantine in Poway can do 30 people and the food is pretty good..the chef's will work with your party onm food issues..
    Also, the Crab Catcher in La Jolla has private rooms and you can walk out to the patio with gorgeous ocean views and would be about $25 a per person..parking is free for 2 hours down the food at the Crab too.

    1. hmmm.. well Im thinking you are right.. you either head up the 15 to Kensington...what about taking the 56 to Del Mar.. Il Fornaio? You might try Pacifica or Epazote.. they might work with you for the lunch.. great setting..You dont want people driving too far...There is a restaurant I have eaten at in Del Mar.. on the main street. Italian.. something to do with Fish in the name I think. But its not all that.. They have a great patio that I bet you could take over the whole thing.. that would be fun.. Same side as the Plaza.. about three blocks south..

      1. this idea may or may not work, but why not call Cavaillon? They aren't open on Saturdays for lunch. However, it seems the owner/chef is quite accomodating and may be up for a private event. The setting is cozy country French. They are just off the 56, near the 15 freeway.

        1. If you're open to seafood, you might try Nugents Fishgrille in Scripps Ranch/Poway. They used to be located in Del Mar and our office went there for lunch quite often, the owners are very nice and they would probably try to accommodate you. Cavaillon also sounds like a good idea, and you could also check with the Rancho Bernardo Inn, Pearl in Rancho Bernardo, or Mesquite Grill in Scripps Ranch.

          In the urban area near Parkhouse Eatery, you might try Urban Solace, California Cuisine or Jayne's Gastropub. Urban Solace is open for lunch and you could probably take over their patio. CC and Jayne's might not normally be open then, but they both nice patios and might be willing to work something out with you.

          Congratulations and good luck!

          1. My wife and I had our brunch the day after our wedding at the St Tropez Bakery & Bistro located at the trolley stop One America Plaza, by Little was quite a unique setting and since they are not very crowded on weekends, it felt like the entire restaurant was just for us. You should check it out, it will definitely keep the tab under $30 per person...I think that the website is

            Congrats by the way!

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              Sounds like our wedding. We did this at the Prado in Balboa Park. 30 people for lunch, ordered off the menu and reserved a corner of the outdoor patio. A perfect place for out of town guests as it seems to scream "San Diego" Even was able to bring in our own wine and a cake from a bakery. Ask their GM, her name was Rita. It was simple, delicious and wonderful. Not to mention relatively cheap, considering...