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Nov 7, 2007 12:34 PM

lunch at simpang asia: cow brain curry

hadn't been to simpang for a while and saw beef brain curry on the menu... gave it a shot... pretty much exactly as advertised.... good curry flavor with beef brain inside... and a plate of rice. i think it was called Gulai Otak... and is a specialty of padang apparantly... im not an expert on indo food (never been to indonesia), but have been to the the duarte inn and indo cafe and some other indo spots... looking forward to coming back again regularly. the scene at 1:00pm was all indo international students...awesome...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Simpaing Asia take out is a "go-to" spot for my wife and I. We were there yesterday, even have a take-out menu in my back pocket. Used to frequent Indo Cafe when our friend owned the restaurant. How is the Duarte Inn? Is it like Wat Thai?

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        I haven't been to Indo Cafe for about a year, but really enjoyed the food then. When did your friend sell the restaurant? Do you think the food quality has suffered? Sounds like I need to try Simpang Asia!

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          yeah, duarte inn is like wat thai. slightly less structured, smaller but equally awesome. ok slighly less awesome only because i prefer thai food to indonesian...

          i hadnt been to indo cafe since before simpang expanded. never had the rijsttafel although it was on my "to try" list...

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            FYI Here's a blog post I did about the Duarte Inn Weekly Indonesian Food Bazaar.