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Nov 7, 2007 12:32 PM

Booze brunch in Park Slope

I'm reciprocating a $15 all-you-can-drink brunch at Sunburnt Cow in Alphabet City (yum) - anything like that in the Slope? I realize the quality of the food might have to suffer a bit, but I can't front with the $8 bloodymary's at Little D, unfortunately. I wish Tom's Restaurant (I know, not park slope) served mimosas, that would be perfect - they don't right?

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  1. Haven't been in a while, but Scottadito used to do an unlimited mimosas brunch for like $12 or $14 a person. We used to go fairly often and were always satisfied (and buzzed). I would guess they still do it.

    Directly across the street, Black Pearl had a similar offer which was a few dollars more. But they seemed to vacillate back and forth between offering unlimited champagne and mimosas or not.

    1. cant think of one in the slope but tom's food sucks...come on...accept it.

      i was dragged to bone lick park for brunch a few weeks back...they served unlimited bloody marys, frozen margaritas, and mimosas with brunch for like $12-14.

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        haha, I've only eaten once at Tom's and had eggs, so can't really talk - but it's just the kind of thing my friends would like on principle, just for kicks and feeling good about a free cookie. You know how it is.

      2. I've had good experiences with the brunch at Sette at 3rd St. & 7th Ave. Good food (I like the ricotta fritters) and unlimited champagne cocktails (mimosas, bellinis, and pomegranate) for around the price you're looking for.

        1. maria's mexican cafe (on 4th and union) may not have the greatest food, but i noticed last weekend they had a sign out front that said their brunch was "all you can drink".

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            Yeah but the service is so bad there you'll probably only get 2 drinks out of them.

          2. We ended up going to Sette and were happy with the drinks but not so much with the food. I liked the ricotta fritters, but the fig and prosciutto and the eggs 'benedict' are to be avoided. Although, I'm not complaining, they kept refilling our drinks even after the check had been paid and the table partially cleared, so who cares about the food?! I might not try it sober though...