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Nov 7, 2007 12:13 PM

Lunch in Atlanta this Saturday

Coming in to the city from Athens for shopping. This is our route:

I think we'll be ready for lunch somewhere between Lenox Mall and IKEA.

We like to eat local and avoid the national chains, especially the ones that are so ubiquitous to even be in Athens. (Yes, we finally have an Olive Garden in our little town.) Open to most cuisine and price range, but don't want to get too far from our path. I'm not all that keen on Mexican or Latin American cuisine, but other than that, just about anything goes. I like dessert. A lot. Meal doesn't have to be superfast, but we're not planning on a 3-hour leisurely lunch. We're not vegetarians and have no food allergies.

Places we've already tried, with varying degrees of satisfaction: Agnes & Muriel's, IKEA cafeteria, Tasty China (in Marietta), Rumi's Kitchen, and Oz Pizza.

Hit me up with suggestions. Winning one gets a post next week about the restaurant and pictures of what we ate.

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  1. try six feet under pub & fish house located right across from oakland cemetery. good food fun atmosphere and you can tour the cemetery afterwards.

    1. The Tavern at Phipps Plaza, next to Saks (across from Lenox Square). Known for "tavern chips," which are gourmet nachos, six or seven varieties. Favorites are southwest shrimp or cajun. It has other upscale pub food too. I lived in Atlanta seven years ago, and every time I go back I always go to the Tavern.

      1. What about Murphy's in Virginia-Highlands, or all the other choices in that neighborhood...
        Surin, Osteria 832.

        If you don't have dessert at Murphy's you can get some gelato at Paolo's.

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        1. re: rcburli

          I think that area might be a detour for them.

        2. If dessert is a biggie, then you should try Cafe Intermezzo. It will be on your left as you go to IKEA down Peachtree (1845 Peachtree Rd NE) The food is wonderful, and the desserts and coffees are AMAZING.

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          1. re: kerbechard

            Oh, I *love* Cafe Intermezzo. But if I went there, I'd need a nap afterwards. *grin*

          2. I am going to let you in on the BEST dessert places ever....Chocolate Pink Pastry Cafe,
            it is on Juniper. Let me just say this, it will bring tears to your eyes it is that good.
            For lunch you could do Einsteins and sit outside or South City Kitchen.

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            1. re: Katj

              I ate at Einstein's about 6 years ago - still good? Outside is an intriguing idea. Supposed to be near 70 this Saturday.