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Nov 7, 2007 11:56 AM

Three Forks in Claremont?

Read today's review in LAT...sounds pretty good, however don't think I'll be driving 50 miles to spend $40 on an entree and sit next to a dude in a TANK TOP!!!

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  1. We were just at Claremont last weekend too.

    Sounds interesting. Any meat that's wood grilled sounds promising, but I was too burnt by Ms Irene's rec from last's week's Mozza experience to want to shell out for another $100+ plus experience.

    Any chowhounds report back?

    P.S. Not sure about the dude in tank top comment?

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    1. re: notmartha

      It sounded really good - and the LAT's ran a photo with the review which showed in the foreground a guy eating at the bar wearing a tt. If the food is good (or really -- even if it's not good) I could not care less what any other patron is wearing -- or not wearing.

      1. re: Servorg

        Thanks. Claremont is an interesting place - college town so I expect more casual dress.

    2. I ate at Three Forks two weeks ago for a family birthday dinner in Claremont. Nice ambience--the whole West Village Expansion (the new neighborhood in Claremont that Three Forks is anchored in) is very cool. For the price, I prefer Lucques or Craft, but it's the best thing going as far as fine dining goes in the 909.

      We were a rather large dinner party, so I got to try many dishes--the Elk loin was by far the favorite, and benefited from a simple preparation. Several other dishes had way too much going on (like the restaurant's website)--they sounded great, but faltered in execution. Two folks at our table had the surf and turf and were disappointed by how dry the turf portion turned out--I think it was buffalo that evening. My shortribs were a little tough, and way too many things were going on with the ingredients: savory polenta and mushrooms, sweet grapes, and then what I could only recognize as Ranch dressing drizzled on top like an accident, or an afterthought--it looked weird, like white paint on an otherwise earthy and pleasant landscape, and tasted weirder. Desserts were yummy, though to be honest, I'd had so much wine at that point, I can't point to any specifics.

      Service was excellent--more hospitable than my experiences at Craft. I'm in the Claremont area fairly often, and will try to provide more details on the dishes when I return--which I will. The restaurant alone may not worth the drive, but the town itself is, and Three Forks is the best place in town. I'm looking forward to exploring more of the menu.

      As for the tanktop, that's the beauty of the 909. The attire was predominately business or business casual the evening we dined there, and I was actually surprised by the tanktop photo--too bad.

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      1. re: mangefromage

        Thanks for the writeup. Anybody in your party had just plain steak (maybe with salt & pepper)? Just wondering if it's any good. I just want a good wood grilled steak ala Hitching Post - no thrills. Never had elk though and that sounded pretty interesting.

        We went to Craft 3 weeks back and had a very good experience. But I am _much_ closer to Claremont than Century City.

      2. We just tried the Sunday evening Farmer's Market dinner . I was expecting four courses (for $40), but there were only three courses (same price, $40). The chef chose wines to accompany each dish and a flight of wines (3 glasses) was $30. Overall the food was excellent, but at these prices, the service should match the quality of the food and it didn't. The wines were not delivered at the same time as the food (either a few minutes before or a few minutes later), so why make such a big deal of pairing wines with each dish? There seemed to be lots of employees (as well as owners and managers walking around the place), but they were not focusing on customer service. Our credit card and check sat on the table for more than ten minutes before our server finally took it. The worst part of the evening, however, was that some of the propane heaters outside stopped working and they told us that someone was going to be fixing them. We heard them tell others this same story. When we left two hours later, the heaters still were not working. Lying to customers is the epitome of bad service.

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        1. re: Claremonter

          You're absolutely right. It is so important for a staff (however young) to remain professional. Some friends of mine went to Three Forks and were disturbed by the staff's loud interactions outside and in the parking garage below--maybe that's why it took do long for your wine. It appears to be more of a hang out for the staff than a solitary restaurant focusing on good food. Hopefully they apologized and appropriately billed you. Which manager do you talk to? Do they even care?

        2. I tried Three Forks a month or so ago with my fiance'. We showed up on a Saturday night and didn't have to wait. I was kind of surprised by it was nice to be seated immediately. The ambiance and decor was nice as well. The menu had a lot of different types of food, I had the Elk loin and my fiance' had a salmon dish. My Elk had great flavor but the salmon was subpar and had too much stuff stacked up on it. It was too busy for a flavorless fish dish. I thought the bold flavor of salmon would hold up but it was disapointing. Glad I had the Elk!! Overall we would go back and try soemthing else, but we live in Claremont. We both agreed that it wasn't worth the price though and we certainly wouldn't drive 50 miles for this meal. Cheers!

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