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Nov 7, 2007 11:47 AM

Nashville review from a Toronto chowhound

Spent 5 days in Nashville in early October and just wanted to post reviews on some of the places recommended on the board. Just as some background, we had 8 guys 35+.

The Palm Steakhouse
We had a great experience here, they gave us a private room which was nice for a group our size. Everyone had a steak of some sort and they were all enjoyed thoroughly and the steak and lobster went over really well. The service was impeccable and we always had a waiter in the room ensuring everything was looked after. Wine list was good. Reviews had stated this place as being over priced but it was in line with what we would normally pay for this type of meal/service.

Bread & Company
This place was right out front of our hotel (Marriott Vandy) and was our go to place for coffee/breakfast. This isn't your typical bagel stop as they offered full breakfasts including omelettes, bacon/eggs etc.. It's not sit down service as you place your order, pay and they call you when it's ready. Coffee was good, food was great and the servings were huge but be warned, it's a bit on the pricey side as a daily stop.

Hog Heaven
Have to agree with all those who recommended this place to me, it's great BBQ. The chicken with the special white sauce is amazing. This place is really inexpensive (probably because they don't pay for any upkeep as it's a hole in the wall). We ate lunch hear 3 times.

Springwater Bar
Right next to Hog Heaven, this place is a complete dump but we had a blast and ended up here a couple of nights for the live music. Can't beat the $1.50 happy hour beers. It's a place you've got to see.

Sam's (?) Sports Bar (right next to Basco's)
This has got to be one of the best places to watch sports. Must have been close to 100 TVs with every game available being shown. Food was pretty good and reasonably priced and the beers weren't overly expensive. Lot's of Vandy students so the scenery was pretty good as well. Highly recommend this place to watch any sports event.

Midtown Cafe
This place literally reaked. Those of us who could actually stand the smell of this place stayed for dinner but were really dissapointed with the food.

A few of the other places were fairly non-discript and don't need to be reviewed.

Just an FYI: We golfed both courses at The Hermitage and also played the Gaylord Springs course and for the money would recommend either of the Hermitage courses. Gaylord Springs was really nice but twice the price.

Thanks again for all the advice. We really enjoyed Nashville and would tell anyone it's a destination worth going to.

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  1. Wow. You really had the tour de Nash. Glad you enjoyed your stay, and we locals appreciate hearing updates on places we haven't visited in a while. Thanks for posting.

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      Is it just me or does it seem that Randy Rayburn's establishments are a bit off their game recently. I fel like Cabana (which I usually avoid) is putting out more consistent food thatn sunset or midtown. Cheezy it sounds like you had a great time, glad to hear it. I can't seem to stay away from Bread & Company, they just have my number. Oh well, could be worse.

    2. I agree with notgreg. Hubby and I ate at Midtown a couple of weeks ago and it was just average. Since the decor has changed, I think the room has lost some of it's warmth. It seemed somewhat cramped and just kind of cold. The food was OK and the service, as always, very good. Randy seems to be a control freak, so maybe some of this will be fixed in the near future.