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Nov 7, 2007 11:42 AM

Fresh made giant Flour or corn tortillas

I need to make baked tortilla bowls for a salad I'm making this weekend. Anyone know if anywhere in the SFV or Santa Monica sells freshly made mega tortillas? I'm talking the size used to make huge burritos!


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  1. I saw giant red and green (also whole wheat and regular white) tortillas at the Grand Central Market downtown. Its a La Adelita stand, but there is a branch on Santa Monica near Western.

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      Good to know. Sort of holiday-ish colors

    2. Gallegos has them. so does Smart & Final

      1. Try the Vallarta markets. I'd also recommend Diana's brand (made locally) if they carry it in your local Food For Less.

        Vallarta Supermarket
        10950 Sherman Way, Burbank, CA