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Nov 7, 2007 11:34 AM



chef’s tasting menu
november 6, 2007

greyhound on Spoon

mojito on Spoon

american caviar, cucumber

maine lobster
persimmon, fennel, granny smith apple, late harvest riesling vinegar

big eye tuna a la plancha
sauce piperade

scallop raviolo
ginger, champagne, petit pois

cranberry beans, applewood smoked bacon, baby artichokes

wild king salmon belly
salt-roasted weiser farms parsnips, wasabi, black trumpets

bell pepper sorbet
fresh passionfruit, cantoloupe

foie gras a la plancha
asian pears, lemongrass, mizuna

saddle of lamb
burgundy truffles, aromatics, crushed potatoes potato

artisinal cheeses

peanut butter, banana, tamarind, thai chili

carrots in three forms

chocolate cremeaux
pineapple, chipotle, avocado

white chocolate lollipop
mirabelle, candied ginger


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  1. YUM!

    What's "greyhound on a spoon"? Chef isn't getting Korean influences, is he?

    Odd he didn't use spiny lobbies, them being in season and all!

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    1. re: Diana

      I would guess since there was also mojito on a spoon that greyhound was some kind of vodka and grapefruit concoction, or representation. (Because a greyhound is vodka and grapefruit juice, ...)

      Definitely want to try this! I haven't been back to Providence in 9 months.

      1. re: Diana

        It's like a Jello- Shot but is liquid in the center, totally insane!
        MC know's I'm burned out on Local Lobs. We overdosed at the begining of the Season. Right now Live King Crab is avail downtown. If you call MC he can probably get some this week "special order" before it goes away.

        1. re: Diana

          >>What's "greyhound on a spoon"? Chef isn't getting Korean influences, is he?

          LOL - as others already mentioned, it's jellified cocktail (LAT did a piece on that trend recently). Sounds much more delicious than the jello shots I downed when ... umm, nevermind ;)

          But I can't wait to return just for dessert tasting menu.


        2. My guess is that the greyhound on a spoon is made much like the mojito. The later is called Mojito Raviolo. It is served on an El Bulli spoon and utilizes the Adria technique of adding calcium aginate to a liquid - the effect is a thin film encasing the mojito liquid so that it popped mojito liquid into your mouth as you ate it.