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Nov 7, 2007 11:28 AM

Dinner tonight - need suggestions

Am going out tonight for a business dinner, and had a few places that are either new, or that I haven't tried, that I wanted to ask the board's advice/opinions regarding:

Le Petite Grocery
Bistro Daisy

Any thoughts?

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    1. re: jamielynn

      No question? Really? What about the question, "Do you like good service?"

      This board is littered with posts, and has at least one thread dedicated to the poor service at Luke (

      Luke is actually the one restaurant I would say should be stricken from your list because, personally, I feel like a business dinner should run as smoothly as possible. A good waitstaff means you talking about business, not about service.

    2. although I love the food at Luke the service is so bad it detracts from the experience. I would suggest One, the others are too new or have had a shift in chefs and I have not been yet.